Inconvenient truth of history

A few years ago I happened to watch a documentary film compilation of Sklyarov "Forbidden History". A little later — the film EF Däniken "In the wake of all-powerful." Being a lover of astronomy, anthropology, and just — curious since childhood, I was struck by the glaring disparity paleocontacts facts and opinion of mainstream science about those facts.

I am a geek. Metal to distinguish smell. Teased "crazy handles" … I can make it! In any case, I think. Great-great-grandfather was famous for this — apparently passed on by genes. I immediately appreciated the technical level of those who have left the great buildings of stone. The buildings are spread over all the continents of the Earth. But are out of the hands of the same master. Or made by a single technology. It is true that is not available even now. Many are not even aware of the existence of such artifacts. The official version is so miserable that it is incorrect to consider in the early twenty-first century. But that it continues by inertia accepted as true is true. Bible could not stand. But it was in the Old Testament, I read about a very real contact with representatives of other civilizations. Believers is "not there" look. And the Scriptures themselves are often not read, and enjoy the view of the majority — and so happy. And here are the facts! Everything comes down to one thing — about five to ten thousand years ago lived on Earth and hosted representatives of a different civilization. Not only that, apparently, very implicated in the emergence of us as bearers of the mind … It is true that a little earlier, because the violation of the anthropic principle occurred about 50 thousand years ago. For Dummies explain: there was an abrupt change in the development of ancient primates. They humanize not by the laws of evolution. In addition, recent studies of the human genome revealed the so-called "silent tail genome": 223 Encrypted genes that we do not use in life. How so? In Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, are built megalithic size and weight. Granite, andesite, basalt and other hard stone processed inaccessible even now methods. Amazing plane in the three spatial directions …

Inconvenient truth of history

Giant stones, and with the quality of the treatment and weight! Not to mention the delivery and installation of blocks weighing tens of tons of steep cliffs. And it was so long ago that simple tools was an engineering marvel. And Baalbek — 1500 ton billets are the size of a small shop. Rectangular blocks of installed base of the temple of Jupiter. Even at our level of development to move them and set the height of seven meters — a problem. What could serve as a base or platform? At the time of the construction needs of the people were negligible, and the possibilities — virtually zero for this building! Nowadays there are mobile crane Lifting capacity of 800 tons. But to raise the "Trilithon" need just two of the giant. Yes, almost a kilometer drive to Baalbek and lift for installation.
The answer is no — there is a miracle. And this good for the Earth is scattered across continents. All the traditions of the ancients, all the legends speak of one and the same. Flew to Earth some omnipotent gods from heaven and taught the people agriculture, science and medicine.

Giant rocks and structures of the past

Different cultures and people, and the topic is one! Yes, in general, and the famous pyramids of Giza, supposedly built by Egyptians, do not fit on the technology and the time spent on the building, to a reasonable extent. The same pundits have estimated that each block of the pyramid had time to put two and a half minutes … the only way we could build the Great Pyramid in 25 years. Nestykovochka obtained. Block — not a brick and tile, and the height of the pyramid 150 meters! Historians bypass these moments by default. But how beautifully sung — "hammer and wood chisel simple pyramid cut down." And it is believed naive tourists, relying on the authority of researchers. A granite Boxes inside … Eminent modern firms, working with granite, Boxes can produce such quality only in parts. Whole, sorry, does not work. Generally about such discrepancies can talk endlessly. There are too many and fall around the same time period. Written and analyzed much. But the fact of me gnawing silence so interesting and unusual facts of official science and historians. And how much is hidden in the museum of artifacts that in demonstrating to people destroy the harmonious system of history and history? We'll have to somehow get out "experts" stories!
Known for its acceptance "convenient" history by historians across the world at one event. Just to come together with the common version. And we can not rest on our laurels. Moreover, they often laugh at the densely-those who try to raise it to the surface. Although they can not explain these facts. And if you try, then at housewives minded people that answer quite satisfied. But not all people eat "noodles" smacking and trust "experts the humanities." But these issues should be dealt with exclusively geeks. Only a technician to make a statement about the methods and techniques of construction. It remains for us to read the language of stone. Stone eternal. For thousands of years destroys traces of corrosion on the metal and tools. But not a stone! There is a fact necessary to rewrite many pages of history. Hard to get off from their homes and to renounce the usual knowledge. The more talk of "green men" cause many ironic smile — that's not the only reason the military and other government secret services of different countries. Military for many years, literally suffering from unexplained phenomena. Not one fighter lost! Even guidelines for pilots there — not to make contact! But before trying to shoot down …
The truth is too uncomfortable for those who are on the mysterious history of the country spikes nekhilyy grandmother! That, they say, what our ancestors were great … Come see the wonderful sculptures — all conditions! It is convenient to all. Tourists and tour companies.
But most of all I was struck by the Old Testament. As I used to laugh at him! Called "the epic of the Israeli people." Such strange seemed tale. Confused only one — why so many thousands of years, people are afraid of God, believe in him and wait for him to return to Earth? Promised, then come back! And Muslims, Christians and Jews about to repeat the same, but a little differently. Still hate each other can not. How many years have passed ….. Apparently God is something much surprised and scared! Appeared, still surprised and scared …
I found the answer, carefully read the Old Testament. Prompted me to it is the same EF Däniken. Many laughed at. Like, he sees all the newcomers — just a guy pulled off the roof. I learned a lot about him on the Web. Clever and very correct person. He is spoken of "man-mercury." Lively, energetic and not suffer star disease. Although a millionaire … And most importantly, it is a logical and cautious in the conclusions. The logic of his balanced and iron. I immediately appreciated his ability to see the essence, even if it is hidden behind a lace-time. And it really versed in the ancient ruins and the ruins too! All the world go round. Know the culture of many peoples thoroughly. And his well-founded conclusions spoils blood classical science. And rightly so. Already "ferment" the science. Or resolve disputes, or give up the already adopted the wrong version. And you can throw mud at anyone — so without some effort trying to be "higher" in their eyes. Basically, it is lazy and arrogant people. For conclusions should be shoveled mountains of information, and clarity of mind to have in order to properly understand the "eaten". And it is work. Not for them to do. Easier to mock … Oh well!


In the Bible, there are a few intriguing moments. First. In the original, of course, the form of presentation describes the history of Israel. But the main thing — it's time to describe the birth of Christ. That is, about three or four thousand years ago. Not so much information in such detail came to us from the past! This is where it began, as I call it fantasy is not the time. Every level of the society of the thoughts and deeds. Concocted tales ever. Here are just fairy tales and fantasy match time. Magic Carpet, seven-league boots, dragons and genies from a lamp … And so on. However, the Bible, in the Indian epic Mahabharata and many other ancient chronicles somehow found descriptions that do not match the level of development of the people of that time. Imagination could not have such a form. Too technologically. That is, you can not come up with such, can only be experienced, but not understood. Children can not be the five-year debate on the structure of the atom with the terms such as hadrons, quarks, quantum jumps, etc. There is a time and imagination. That's where the rub came out. In the biblical story and then skips the biblical stories are not of color — I would put it. As soon as God is the Prophet — began technogenic description, not peculiar to the time. In the chapter of Exodus (from Egypt), first as a modest … although quite unusual beginning to emerge description of some of the Lord of Glory. Understand what it is, just do not work. Should read the whole of the Old Testament, and all will become clear as day. Here we see the necessary "thick pillar of cloud" — the day and the "fire" — at night. He accompanies the people of Israel in the desert. He gives battle followed them Egyptians. And then we see how God appeared to Moses on Mount Sinai in a thick cloud of fire and thunder … Many will say — the thunder and lightning of the phenomenon described by God. But read on and see that God decided to demonstrate its reality people of Israel. And now instructed to gather under a mountain, but do not come close. Bathe and wash clothes. Do not sleep with the wives of a few days … (in the future, this quarantine is found everywhere, and very restrictive). Flown feared terrestrial infections and it is not just my observation … care enough to read all the descriptions of human contact with fly to the Earth. And circled the mountain line, which, no, no! Mountain shook and smoked. And was red-hot as a burning furnace. And the sound of the trumpet grew louder and louder. Say, and the eruption of the volcano with a crash? .. So much of this stuff at all times enough. People knew about it. I wonder what the sound of the trumpet is it? .. All this reminds me only one — landing ship with roaring engines. Perhaps there are other options? On the mountain Moses climbed only. Other people watching from afar, and, of course, after seeing the spectacle Moses believed that God had arrived. God called Jehovah (I am a mere). Later Moses acted as an intermediary in the communication between God and call themselves the people of Israel. And God was not illusory, is believed to believe! But there was a very real and gave a lot of guidance on how to live and where to go. There is even a line (Exodus chapter 24), which explicitly states that Moses, Aaron, and his brothers and 70 priests of God and came to see him. Under his feet was something — how wonderful of sapphire, clear as the sky. And they ate and drank with him. Especially interesting to read about the needs flown … read carefully, I saw that the sacrifice to God to "burnt offerings" were everyday people, and to make a tribute to the one who freed them from slavery in Egypt. Trespass, not a ritual burning of the animals in the fire of sin, according to believers. And in the text — this is a measure better grain of oil (olive oil), fat and skin animals and carcasses of cattle slaughtered. And young immaculate (the meat is softer and without the characteristic odor), lambs, after seven days of feeding. What would be the difference for the simple burning of the fire? I myself doubt that God wants to eat. But found the description of the rooms with tables and a meat hook on the wall. Within the walls of the furnace are described for preparation. As soon as the faithful do not see it? Maybe do not read the Scriptures? And in the Easter season in the temple on the mountain where God lived with the servants, seven days brought 50 carcasses of bulls, bread and oil for the "feast and libations." Question: God that suffered gluttony? No! God, in fact, do not eat … He — the spiritual concept! Many believers somehow do not think about this fact. Flown ate, drank and lived just like us! True, royally ate … And judging by the number of mandatory offerings, the team was very large.
I ask the reader to go down now, finally, to the ground and taken to call himself the God easier — because straight text Testament showed it to my last example. When reading the covenant I have never encountered the divine associations. Quite the contrary! Also described — only flowers in comparison with later moments stay in the land of Israel, God … Number of instructions given by God, is simply amazing. And it gave good laws settlers! Felt in the description of the cause of Jehovah's stay on Earth. Namely — speed "maturation" earthlings in their development. It is not clear what took away the first-born of the human family? Why not show your face to Moses — although he once asked him to do it? God agreed, but with the condition. But here for the first time, and later repeatedly displayed the so-called "Praise the Lord", which was nothing more than a vehicle, but only for flights within the Earth — orbit. And maybe just within the Earth's atmosphere. Transport of God, in short … I feel the reader smile — kind of like the author himself crazy for aliens. I am by nature a very pragmatic. No one sect zatyanesh. I'll check it yourself! And "Praise the Lord" — a ship to fly, if you carefully and critically read the Bible!
Believers are outraged — it's literally said … Many scholars have tried to explain what the "Glory of the Lord." Uttered such heresy, and most importantly — each in its own way … God is not a phenomenon. But it is in the book of the prophet Ezekiel, "Glory of the Lord" is very interesting and detailed. A fly on it, not only strangers, but also the Ezekiel her taken to the Temple Mount … Although I have run ahead.
So, God showed Moses the glory of the Lord — or rather, held it in front of him. Note the word "had." Only allowed to look at themselves in the back — so as not to die Moses. Generally seen little bad and describes Moses because of the unusual type flying machine for the people of that time. Do not even compare with what happened. Show Aboriginal fighter vertical take-off — see how he describes it … But she made a strong impression. What else shows quite "ordinary beings" flown? God commanded by trained craftsmen produce the testimony, or the covenant as it is called in the Bible. Why? He told Moses that will be open to him there was between a cherub … So, as soon as Moses entered into the tabernacle of the ark — fell from the sky, "a pillar of cloud." If God could be through vision, and a means of communication would not have to build … But it was a very elaborate box that contained something given by God. Electronics of our time have concluded that the construction of the tabernacle, where the ark of the testimony, like an antenna. So that whenever Moses personally meet — and in the distance you can give instructions. That, basically, God did. Another interesting car God gave the settlers. In the book it is called Sunburn "Old old days." Holy Grail. According to the description (very full technical details) to get a machine for the production of edible protein … Two Heads. From one to the other got some hoses. Was belly. It was like two eggs and even forgive, something from which to express manna. It is understood that the description is very imaginative, and the old man is a device, of course, was not. She supplied the "manna" to people in the desert, and continuously. Famous Templars were accused of worshiping church-what is an idol, described the identity of "the old man." Why and hurt. It crushed and plundered Philip the Fair. But according to legend, the Order of Templars hid this miracle of technology from the barbarians. Grail looking up! But at the end of the chapter of Exodus again, I read about the "glory of God", which referred to. When Aaron and his sons, who served God, dressed according to the rules, when they entered the ark into the tabernacle, when they washed his hands and feet in a special vat (quarantine), on top of the tent down well, of course, she is — "Praise the Lord." Moses could not enter the tent — it was filled with the brightness of his glory of the Lord ….. People are seen at a distance from the camp, when rising "Praise the Lord" in the sky — and then the children of Israel went every man to his journey. If it is not picked up, not sent, respectively! Happy "Glory" hung over the tabernacle, and the night light the fire. A rather strange turn of events, and description of the "Glory of the Lord." Looks like a ship to fly … What further confirmed in the book of Ezekiel. What kind of travel do you mean? Why cut off the story? After all, how would the fun begins. Why in front of the text does not say the alleged travel. Where the children of Israel could go on this "glory of God"? It can be assumed, and this is consistent with the text of Scripture in the book of the prophet Ezekiel, that close to God, "priests" were flying with him to the Temple Mount. Just there and was "a residence of God." Believers say that God was not on Earth. Should be read carefully! It is on Earth! And does not the Spirit in the sky. Generally, in the Bible is "water." Hundreds of pages describing the rituals of some repetitions of the same historical events of the time. Testament reading difficult. Therefore, not everyone understands what it all about!
And what God was cruel and jealous, we read in the most interesting, in my opinion, the chapter of the Bible — the book of Ezekiel. Then with the first lines of the story in the first person "blows the roof." In this book, "Thank God" repeatedly and in detail described. Just advise you to read the skeptics paleocontacts. The destruction of the people of Jerusalem deadly weapon in the hands of just two members of the team. And of course, the amazing line datasheet flying ship of God and the "Temple", which was part of the ship, and who brought Ezekiel who met at the entrance to the temple. This part of the Old Testament, the most scandalous. Many believers liver spoiled. Shoot fantastic movies based on the story. Argue, what is at stake. Believers can not understand this part of the Bible because of the technogenic description and try not to delve deeply into the details. Otherwise, their Christian stool on which they stand, begins to lurch. And I am triumphant. I am at the age of forty understood the reason of faith as such. Roger, who was the God of Christianity, and why fear it so far. Why wait for its return to Earth. Understand why he is not described in the chronicles of the time, like other kings. And I suspect, why on earth so often see UFOs — particularly appreciate the view of astronauts and the military. They are out there. The Earth or on Earth. But hiding. Once we pulled up in the development, have become more aggressive and open to contact with us no longer works. And even more so to declare himself God. This trick will not pass.

So, the prophet Ezekiel

Meeting took place on the river Chebar. And there was a strong wind from the north, as if a thick cloud and the fire from the middle of it. And as if the light! Descended from the sky is something that apparently Ezekiel could not correctly describe and even. Interpreters also contributed to spoil … but the essence in this case did not work! .. The unit, which had four power units with centrifugal — opens blades and landing gear from the metal. (My text is very different in form but not in substance). The legs are straight, like a calf, and their feet were like the soles of the bullock, and had the appearance of brass. Screws (wings of the cherubim) made a lot of noise — like the sound of many waters, like the voice, which is an army, like the voice of God Almighty when he speaks! When the wings were staying, then they fell, covering the body of the cherubim. For in them (cherubs) was the spirit of animals … The Prophet accepted the engines for the living beings. It is clear that the engines roared and screw, creating the impression of something living. They move fast, says the prophet. In the middle of something glowing and lightning went between animals. Under the wings was the likeness of the hands of men (manipulyator.) It is this kind of hands subsequently filed embers from the ship to destroy a man of the city. And there were strange wheels … like a wheel in a cage, and they moved in any direction — without turning. And they were full of eyes. Wherever the spirit would go — there were moving and the wheels. Generally felt many emotions, sweeping Ezekiel. (The secret of the wheels unraveled in NASA and received a patent for an invention!). When the cherubim were lifted up from the earth, the wheels with them … (tellingly the Prophet). This is his very surprised. Were tall and awesome and their rings. You can feel the size of the machine. And above them was a dome, like sapphire, and on a set of cabin like topaz crystals, and in it — the likeness of a throne, on which sat the likeness of man. That's the sort of imagined and Ezekiel God of Israel. Note the word similarity. This word drew attention and theologians … but wrong conclusions made. And as always, different. If this were the hands, the Prophet would call them by hand. If there was a throne as the kings of the time — would have called the throne. And sitting in the boat was just like a man …. Ezekiel did not say the same — Husband! Whatever Ezekiel not "blown away" — he was given something to eat, on what was written "fear, sorrow, suffering" (snares interpreters). Read — a sedative. Now he has become easier. So obviously it is not saved from starvation. Somehow it is not to eat after he was seen. Moreover, this same "Glory of the Lord" appeared later, Ezekiel and moved to a high mountain where the Lord showed him the city and the Temple. But it was not a church either in form or content. More like a modern stadium bowl, though smaller. Without a roof, with artful transitions, and most importantly, exactly in the form of ship, where he periodically and went, as the hangar. Around the described premises. Only the room where prepared hut were covered arch. Was not in the "temple" roof! (Reconstruction of the church was made by Bayer, who works for a leading construction company. He had to learn more than thirty editions of the Bible in different translations!) Ezekiel met a man whose form was like burnished brass. Metal (just at the time duds). Theologians of the husband does not even comment. Android is a … In his hand was a measuring ruler and Verviers (rope). He showed the full range of the prophet. Why I brought here, he asked the Prophet? Why do I have to remember all this? For you to be here and is given! That was his answer man, shining like copper. Ezekiel with meticulous precision to us all the dimensions of the temple, and even orientation relative to the horizon. Described in the Bible it is very detailed. Lord lived on a high mountain, not in heaven. When the "Glory of the Lord" came into the house, arriving from the east, and filled the house, Ezekiel heard someone said to him out of the church — "I — the Lord, and then place my feet. Here I will live forever among my people. " And this man (copper) was standing next to me. God lived in a very complex combined with a large team, and the Prophet repeatedly been there. This here is the repeated vision of the church was a prophet! There, he received instructions from God and conveyed to the people of Israel. Area was huge — 12 by 12 kilometers. Only in Israel do not have the high mountains. The words "high mountain of Israel" — just insert an interpreter in later editions of the Bible. The nearest mountains were mountains of Armenia. By the way, the biblical David also met the "android" — funny? Then read for yourself. His body was like beryl crystal. Face like lightning. Eyes like two burning lamps. And his hands and feet like burnished copper (Here we go again!). His voice as the voice of many people … David was greatly frightened his unusual appearance and could not normally stay on their feet and speak! Or robot saw, or a stranger in a suit, who spoke to him through the external speaker suit. "Android" told David that he was sent to him with news of the impending war. I wrote above that any meeting with the representatives of God is full of man-made items in the description. And do not hide from it. Theologians as much a coward of these lines of Scripture — must somehow explain what it is about. And he starts to fence each his own … just goes "crooked"! And everyone has their own version. And often — illogical attempt to get out at any cost. Why play up? The description in the Bible detail. I will not bore the reader — there are too many. Here is the most eloquent moments of "Praise the Lord," Do not look at the letters — inspired with a sense of narrative. "Glory to the house of Israel went up from the midst of the city and was on the mountain, to the north." How do you? Already called the vision is not possible. Or "Glory to the house of Israel came from the east." Visions always described on the horizon. How else can you describe a hallucination? Focusing on the horizon …
"Glory of the Lord came into the house through the gate facing east." The noise of their wings "cherubim" was heard even to the outer court of the temple (the temple of 50 to 50 meters) and was heard outside the walls of! So the screws can make noise and engine … and then do a straight fact! And I heard as it was said cherubim "Gilgal" — a vortex (translated) My friend just responded — "of the screw." (Laughs …) I agree that what the text — that is not normal for the Bible. That sacrificial rites described, and here at you — flying on a ship with screws. Right Hollywood plot space wars! And Harrison Ford in the lead role ….. Or this: "I went out into the field (Ezekiel) — there was a" Praise the Lord, "and I fell on my face." Please pay attention to the word "was." Subtle point — a "vision" in the finished form of Ezekiel was waiting in the box. Still reading — "Praise the Lord" went up from the cherub, and came into the house. They were in the outer court of the temple … truss elements of the machine are separated with the "throne" in two. But the vision can not be shared … and then connect again. And there, as I call it, the "key" moments, a lot. Nature of the description does not claim to be fabulous. More on this routine, so to say, a vision. Believers confusing word vision. How else could people of the time called it. It is these moments in Scripture conceal the essence of the narrative. Theologians strongly way affiliated with the faith and do not see it. A strong believer begins aggressive psychosis if they ask questions on the lines this covenant. Although it should be noted that the further in the text, the more prosaic vehicles described God. And the sea of emotions — like when they first met — we did not see it! But while Ezekiel always said that "it was the same vision, which I saw for the first time on the river Chebar." What sustained the prophet hallucination … Maybe somebody will say that this is an allegory or fantasy author Bible — I just say that you did these lines Testament reading. It is a pity that many only see the letter and do not understand the story. As well as the translators of the Bible did not dare to translate the text in fact — not God a text. It was possible to go out of favor, which at that time could have cost lives. That translates each in his own way. But the essence shines through everywhere, and there's no escape. And eloquent fact in the text … "Praise the Lord took me from Jerusalem to Hanani, the settlers, and moved away from my vision of the glory of the Lord." Not a weak vision of Ezekiel — more than a thousand kilometers on the map … Well its bore through the Arabian desert and back … The aliens have been on Earth. Apparently, the next mission visit. Apparently, looking after his creation of the mind. And since much had been sent to "trip" to the underdeveloped earthlings — then, of course, you can introduce yourself and God, and in what does not deny. This moment in history, the people of Israel, and was the turning point of their religion. Previously worshiped idols, and now "the Father in heaven." Until now, the Jews are waiting for him. And do not believe in Christ. Whole Christian world believes in Jesus, the participants of these events — no! This is the paradox. It is interesting that Joseph Blyumrih — Senior Engineer NASA reproduced on the drawing "Praise the Lord." Exactly on the text was drawing, in fact knows aerodynamics shape. A typical dish turned out. But he learned more than one edition of the Bible. And it's not stupid at NASA are working.

And nothing human is alien to them was — these aliens! What was needed was food, supplies, specially trained servants. That's probably why the first-born among people, God took away. Taught, apparently. A good tribute to bring people — carrots and sticks. And do not stand on ceremony with special people of Earth. "Betrayed" the inhabitants of Jerusalem God — are again to worship the sun and other idols of Egypt tribute wear — oh and angry God! Ezekiel begged him — really destroy all the inhabitants? "Only Me mourners leave alive." And all, and children and the elderly and pregnant women of Jerusalem sent to destroy. Finished! He sent two of his team members with deadly weapon in the hands and the third in the linen clothes, in order to "observed grieving about Me! These leave! ". Please note that the third — in the linen clothes, to be confirmed in Scripture. And those two with deadly weapons in their hands then what? What should be the weapon to destroy thousands of people together? Not described — had nothing to compare! Or forbidden to describe. General appearance flown Ezekiel described not very detailed. Thank him for the details that he gave us. Apparently, the man was clever, since it was selected as a mediator … But back to the two butchers from the Lord. Somehow it is not humane, in my view, it turns out. I even thought of American films of hostile aliens … Destroy the rebellious cities and tribes. And for what? It is not a tribute, you see, were not worshiped! We call it "Roofing". Everyone can read about it in the Bible. Protestants (except Jehovah's Witnesses) do not read the Old Testament. Only the Old New … can lead to disbelief in God. Very much it was cruel to people. That's why so many centuries, people have held the fear of God. Really punished! That is the reason to preserve the faith and hope in Him that He will save only those who serve him. Scripture: "You will be paying tribute to the burnt offering to God — will be blessed on the roof of your house!" Does not smell in the covenant God! But in the all-powerful alien smacks strongly.
They are … no longer a right to the land. Flew home. Complete the mission. But appears to be back in a new guise. Or have returned, but "hidden". Much time has passed, and in the development, they are ahead of us very much. Many people are not aware of the incredible buildings in Peru and Bolivia, except that of the drawings and lines of Nazca desert.
Do not know about the destruction of these many ovekovyh miracle buildings with extraordinary explosion of power. Instead of the time, according to historians. Stotonnye granite blocks ripped to shreds … chisel to split and scattered hands or what? (Puma — Punku, the wreckage of buildings near Sacsayhuaman, etc etc)
A stele of Axum, weighing four hundred tons wonderful rectangular shape with a carved surface? With a height of twelve-house? Stone mysteries of the past. Within a radius of thousands of miles there is no such types of stone from which they are made. What they were transported thousands of miles, and how are you?
Covered the secret mysteries of our planet! Understand or can not explain. Historians are silent — humanities. Slippery topic for their reputation-knowing wise men. Otherwise, why they are needed, just can not explain? Why lie, but the time is out. Fading remnants of the incredible events that would be of interest to many people of the Earth. But the New Testament — it is more legend or attempt to invent a new kind mission. But his (Jesus') life has more to do with astrological dates and the Egyptians worship the sun … But here it is necessary to understand astronomy to understand it! A symbol of Christianity, the cross — is the astrological sign of the Zodiac, is all! And quite ancient. And not the cross on which Christ was tortured. Even death and miraculous resurrection of Jesus three days later — is an analogy of the winter solstice. This is when the sun stands still at the lowest point for three days, and then begins his ascent to heaven every day higher and earlier, symbolizing the resurrection of life and the end of the dark short days. Generally it is a topic of conversation. Also in India, is a city of Kashmir Srinagar. Ul.Prorok to come (name) has a chapel and a small temple. A sign on the wall reads — Tsearato Yuzuise (the tomb of Jesus). Here lies Jesus — a prophet of Israel, says the text below! Tomb of the two thousand years! Inside is a sarcophagus. In the chronicles of Kashmir detail the entire history of meeting the then ruler of Kashmir with Jesus. Where and by whom was born, why the mission was called, why not accept His teaching authority of Israel and he suffered at the hands of Roman soldiers … As was removed from the cross and his disciples as they fled to a distant country. He is told the then ruler of Kashmir. Now tell me, why should India do to bury you a man comes out of Nazareth? Moreover, with such a large scale — a sarcophagus? Where Israel, where India? Yes, even two thousand years to protect his grave. And the Chronicle previously written not for scam believers. What was — and then wrote down … Jesus was a simple man. However, does not fit into the public policy of that time. That's suffered for his teaching. In Srinagar, he lived to old age, preaching as before. And was buried with military honors at the sarcophagus … Until now, the pilgrims go. Jesus is revered by Muslims as a prophet, but not God. Revere him and the Jews, but as a great son of the nation of Israel. But not as God. But the Vatican hides a lot of believers. But know the story from the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD This incredible fact is also hidden from the people. Who heard that? Invalid theme. Christians around the world pelted with stones and would not believe! Although what would be a sensation if sarcophagus opened and looked at his hands and feet. Only then will crash the whole system of Christianity. And that many are not profitable. And the mental trauma will cause the believer in Christ as God. But there are still Indian Mahabharat … And there is the same …. Spaceflight on Wiman, a description of flying cars and cities in space. Description of flight and type of land from the air. Read and see for yourself — it can only be experienced, but not come up with!
War of the gods resemble modern Hollywood story of "Star Wars." Rights Daniken, three hundred times right! I advise you to see his films "In the wake of all-powerful." At the Earth flew our creators! And no matter how uncomfortable would be true stories, we must have the courage to admit mistakes and to rewrite it from scratch. Are we, the people twenty-first century, and we shall be ashamed of his origin, and all eyes zamylivat "convenient" all heresy? Hide inconvenient facts and listen to historians lies in retirement. Modern methods of analysis can shed light on many questions waiting a response.
Dear Reader No one believe! Even to me! Take a book and read it myself. Go on the Internet and see for yourself! Maybe it would be even with someone to talk about the inconvenient truth of the history of the Earth.

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