Incredible story, like a Christmas tale

She — a pair of swans, who nearly died after losing each other. Now the birds are safe, they nursed zoo staff, and its visitors come to see the happy couple. And make sure that the swan loyalty — not fiction.

This is a story of true love. History pair of white swans — an example of faith and great love. Which helped to save people. In Samara Zoo they were taken with a difference of 5 days. It first. Wounded and weakened swan found huntsman.

Kuzovenkov Alexander, deputy director of the Samara Zoo: "Swan ran into something, most likely, he hit the wire, he was flying. And since the release it was the will not be. Because he would not have survived there, we decided to leave it with us at the zoo. "

The female was found on the frozen river in the same area Bolshechernigovsky Samara region. She, however, was perfectly healthy, and the more it was unclear why she did not fly away to warmer climes with his flock. Everything fell into place, as soon as they met. And no one was left in any doubt. They are a couple.

Irina Artemenko, Chief, prey animals Samara Zoo

Could come and stray dogs and hunters and ordinary people, and could hurt and kill her warm, and she was left without food, almost herself to his death has left. Waited, hoping that the male will find and that's finally found. "

Swan about loyalty, of course, many have heard, but to see themselves so here — even here the female continues to protect her future husband. It should move up a bit, immediately gets into position and hisses.

Swans to know each other, as well as the people in the face. And it's not a myth. Like the fact that choose these beautiful white birds satellite itself only once — forever. She did not leave him a single step. Cares and protects. Ornithologists say — feels it is still weak.

Anna Kartavenko: "Certainly an amazing story, and on the eve of the New Year it looks like some sort of pre-New Year fairy tale and I am very happy that my daughter is one of the first, probably heard this story, it really is an example to follow."

Until the spring of this swan couple decided to leave here. It is quite possible they will even reproduce.

Alfia Ibragimov

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