India 2012: the bat?

Against the backdrop of worsening of enthusiasm to the events in the Arab world, the European economic difficulties as to the situation in Iran, which has long focused attention of the global media and the leading online media, modern consumer news and analytical content inexperienced visit specialized websites is comparable to a small amount of information about events in those countries that are considered to be the leader among developing countries. If about China which is increasingly perceived as a real global power, actually passed the stage of a developing country, you can hear almost every day, Brazil or South Africa are mentioned in the global information flow quite often. The same can be said of India that is fighting for the right of the championship in terms of population with China, and, by the way, having him and more than serious claims, including the territorial nature.

India 2012: the bat?

So happened that the mention of the country in the media in most cases related to the events capable of that in any other way affect the military-political situation in the world, or at least in one region separately. This pattern also works at the moment, first in 2012, when the tapes of global news agencies are increasingly there are reports in which India There is a word.

During the first week of the new year India was the source of 2-fundamental news military-political nature.

First serious news of the year relating to India, has been associated with the construction of this state-of tunnels in the provinces in the vicinity of Chinese and Pakistani borders. Tunnels provide uninterrupted year-round traffic in these inaccessible places.

Strengthening of the transport infrastructure in the northern borders of the country shows the intention of India to seriously explore the countryside, are the subject of territorial disputes that could, especially in the case of Pakistan, to grow into a full-scale war with far-reaching consequences. Tunnel construction in the criteria of high mountains — a very important project, called again to testify about claims of India to strengthen the status of a leading regional power following the conduct of the struggle for entry into the club of global superpowers.

Another resounding news of recent days regarding India also has a direct relationship to the military and political topic. January 9, it was clear on the new tests the latest modification of Indian ballistic missile Agni-V, which must be realized in the coming two to three months.

Agni-V — a three-stage solid-propellant ballistic missile, made on the basis of Agni-III. Flight range of the latest missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead and has the highest accuracy of defeat, will be about 5.5 thousand kilometers. So Makar, India once again declare the capabilities of its nuclear missile forces hit targets almost the entire country the Asian continent, including in China, not to mention Pakistan.

Thus, India has started this year, which is called with the bat. Does this mean that the country is preparing a jerk or that memory is deceptive? In favor of that business in India are not as perfect as it may seem, says the fact that the latest Indian missile tests often tolerated. So, start Agni-V is not a time scheduled before the end of 2011. What vosprepyadstvovalo Indians: purely technical problems or financial difficulties of the state scale, hard to say. However, some reasons for the truth of the second missile programs from slipping clarification is still there, well and can be different, especially at the moment when whole world stands at the threshold of an economic abyss, and India, with its still fragile economy, just can not stand on the precipice of a lot further than it does not matter what other developing country world.

India's prospects are not as rosy as it was considered to be more year reversed when some local politicians have stated that India in the coming years just catch up and overtake the enemy's own brain — China. The current growth of the Indian economy is 6.9%, which looks more than impressive, even against the background of Europe teetering on the brink of economic collapse. With all of this, many economists believe that India, with its population of 1.2 billion people, economic growth least 7% year is a severe danger. Digit growth of the Indian economy today (about 7%) looks even the least important, as even first in 2011, economists talk about the 8.5%.

It seems however, India's potential is often seriously underestimated. Country has tremendous manpower. Young and cheap labor, which assist in their time China and India should assist. In addition, India has taken a very profitable place in the international division of labor: it is a significant export of medicinal products and steel industries. This feature distinguishes profitable exports to India in the middle of other developing countries in the world, exporting, in the main, raw materials, making them dependent on fluctuations in the level of industrial production in the importing countries.

Apparently, despite the difficulties, the Indian authorities still believe in their own abilities: India continues to strengthen its military might and show their neighbors inappeasable most serious intentions.

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