India began to find substitute Russian Wasps and cubes

India began to look for a replacement Soviet "Wasps" and "cubes"Army India gave the start of the tender for the supply of new anti-aircraft missiles short range, which will have to change the outdated 9K33 "Osa" and 2Q12 "Cube" Russian production, reports the Indian agency 8ak. Most of the Russian air defense system used by India, hopelessly outdated and are not applicable to the use of state.

Under the terms of the Indian tender army SAM needs to able to storm targets at ranges up to 20 km long and filled with passive and active systems support aircraft. With all this new missile air defense system should be able to hit targets moving at a speed of 500 meters per second, and at one point hovering helicopters or UAVs. Army India requested that the new SAM system can be transported by ordinary and by rail.

In the middle of November 2009 the Ministry of Defence of India has announced that he wants to order anti-aircraft missiles Akash state of development. Supposed Akash SAM will change the "Cube". SAM Akash will be installed on the T-72 tanks. Complex Indian production is able to immediately accompany up to 64 targets and fire them at an altitude of 18 km and at a distance of 25 km.

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