India bought new visors of their development

India bought new visors own designIndian Army ordered the company has Research and Development Establishment (IRDE) Functional visors IMFS state of development, reports The Hindu. The deal amounted to seven billion rupees (127.3 million dollars). The new instruments will be used to monitor the terrain, as frisky setting goals and aiming at them.

The composition IMFS includes imager, laser rangefinder, color camera, a GPS sensor and a digital compass. Laser rangefinder able to determine the distance to the object, and the equipment of the visor — calculate the coordinates of the target. The digital camera of the device is able to conduct photo and video recording. Is it possible to transmit images to other devices in real-time is not specified.

Length IMFS is about 30 cm with a weight of 3.5 kilograms. According to Ravi Gupta (Ravi Gupta), Director of Public Relations of the defense research and development (DROD) of India, which comes IRDE, new visor will allow soldiers to get a more complete picture of the battlefield.

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