India buys fighter, helping the weakening of the defense industry of the Russian Federation (Times of India, India)

India buys fighter, helping weakening Russia's defense industry ("Times of India", India)The big deal for the sale of fighter jets in India will be the most severe for many years to help unhealthy Russian defense industry, much of it as if stuck in the Russian era, analysts say.

India announced on Wednesday that it plans to buy up to 300 fighters 5th generation, using the technology of "stealth", which are being developed with Russia. The total amount of the transaction can be up to 30 billion dollars.

The record of the past year overshadowed acquired Russian problem defense industry, that force at the moment the Russian army, trying to upgrade their weapons, taking technique abroad.

"Russia as an Indian air needed funds to speed up the release of fighters for its own air force," — says the head of the Moscow Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies (CAST) Ruslan Pukhov.

"This news is not only not bad, and the revolutionary" — he said. This deal will be the biggest in the history of India — 1st of 3 major buyers Russian guns. It is the culmination of two years of growth of orders for Russian arms which in the coming years should result in certain inflows.

Our homeland but was not able to enter Innovative technology to meet the needs of modern warfare, and continues to rely on a few superfluous perfectly proved themselves Russian models, accounting currently accounts for a large part of sales.

Last month, President Dmitry Medvedev denounced the state defense industry. Then the Russian Ministry of Defense has announced that it is — contrary to global trends — in the coming decade, three times the increment procurement budget

With all of this defense minister stressed that our homeland is ready izderzhat these 19 trillion rubles for imported weapon if Russian is not 'meet the required standards. "

"Our companies are willing to produce an old model. We do not want to take them, "- said in an interview with the magazine Serdyukov Russian Newsweek.

Second arms supplier in the world at the moment is in talks with France on the purchase of its class ships "Mistral". This will be the first purchase of Russian military equipment from NATO member country.

Plans for the procurement of weapons — part of a major military reform, which started to gain momentum after the Russian war with Georgia in 2008 highlighted the need to abandon the ideas Cool times of war and begin to prepare for modern war with the role of irregular troops.

"The situation in the defense industry very vile and unbalanced: Need diversification "- says military expert Konstantin Makienko.

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