India buys large quantities of ammunition antitank

India buys large quantities of ammunition antitank

After the "ominous warning" Chief of Staff of the Indian Army, General VK Singh (VK Singh) that the ground forces' lack of critical concepts of ammunition for the destruction of enemy tanks ", the government swiftly situated orders for the purchase of a huge number of tank shells and missiles to equip troops stationed on the Western Front at the borders of Pakistan, reported April 12 the Indian newspaper The Economic Times.

Credible sources report that concluded or are preparing contracts for the purchase of 25,000 tank guided missiles (TUR) "Invar" and 66,000 armor-piercing projectiles feathered (BOPS) for tanks T-90C, also 10000 ATGM "Competition-M". As you know, on March 12, General Singh wrote a confidential letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh (Manmohan Singh), who became known to the public. In a letter to Singh referred to the situation with critical equipment munitions 1.13-million Indian Army.

Enclosed by two huge contract for the purchase TOUR 3UBK-Invar, which is a massive anti-tank gun with a range of 5 km. Under the first agreement of the Russian Federation must be received by 10000 missiles. Other 15,000 rockets will be received by the second contract from the company PSU Bharat Dynamics Ltd. 3rd contract associated with the purchase of 10,000 anti-tank "Competition-M".

In February 2001, India signed a contract with Russia for the supply of 310 T-90S tanks in response to Pakistan's purchase of Ukrainian T-80UD tanks and their development of the "Al-Khalid". The plant is scheduled in Avadi edition 1000 T-90S tanks. In November of 2007, was signed the next contract for the supply of 347 tanks of this type from Russia.

At present, the plant produced 170 in Avadi T-90C, This year will be produced about 100 tanks. In addition, the Army has ordered 124 tank "Arjun" in addition to the first treaty of 2004, which planned to buy the same number of combat vehicles of its development.

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