India buys Russian Federation more than 40 fighter jets and 70 helicopters

India buys more than 40 Russian fighter jets and 70 helicopters

Our homeland and India signed two agreements in the sphere of military-technical co-operation for a total of about 2.9 billion dollars.

Specifically, the contract for the supply to India 71 Mi-17V-5 at the cost of 1.3 billion dollars, as a contract for the supply of component kits for assembly production license 42 Su-30MKI fighters at the cost of 1.6 billion dollars.

In addition, in the margins of the Russian-Indian summit signed an agreement to develop a joint venture between the company "Helicopters RF"And the company" Elcom Ltd. sistenz PRIVATE. "Also signed a memorandum of understanding between the company" Farmeko "and the Indian company" Elder FarmasyutikalsF "also a strategic partnership agreement between JSC" NIS "and" TATA konsalding serisiz. "

MTC — one of the most advanced in the Russian-Indian relations. Now, apart from the existing multi-billion dollar contracts for the supply of arms and ammunition from RF, parties have gained agreement on the transition to the joint production of military purpose.

One of the important projects in this area was the creation of an airplane fifth-generation T-50 (PAK FA), batch creation of export version of which, according to the Ministry of Defense RF, scheduled for 2020.

In general, the interaction of 2-states in the area of military-technical cooperation is not at all smooth. An example is the long-running project to modernize the aircraft carrier "Admiral Gorshkov". It is expected that this discrepancy will open a discussion at the summit in Divide. According to statements of Russian United Shipbuilding Company, the ship will be transferred to India by the end of 2013.

Earlier, President RF Vladimir Putin announced that the plan for exports of military products this year exceeded their volume exceeded 14 billion dollars. The plan of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation for 2012 foresaw sales of $ 13.5 billion dollars.

For comparison, in 2011 Our homeland has sold weapons and military equipment to 13.2 billion dollars.

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