India does not want to seek compensation for the delay Vikramaditya

India does not intend to seek compensation for the delay "Vikramaditya"

The Government of India does not want to press the Russian Federation monetary penalty for the transmission delay of aircraft carrier "Vikramaditya"(Last Russian" Admiral Gorshkov "), said on Thursday, RIA Announcements senior military-diplomatic source.

Earlier official ceremony aircraft carrier "Vikramaditya"Indian side has been scheduled for December 4, 2012. But during another step test ship in September revealed a number of defects, including not reached its full capacity steam boilers main power plant. Due to this transfer deadline moved for 2013 year.

"India does not plan to seek from the Russian Federation penalty for delay in the delivery of" Vikramaditya "," — said the source.

Soon after the incident on tests Indian newspaper Economic Times announced that New Delhi from Moscow can claim payment of the fine in the amount of 100 million dollars. Yet, at the recent October meeting of the intergovernmental commission on military-technical cooperation that question does not rise.

Naikrupneyshy export contract in the sphere of military-technical cooperation to modernize the "Admiral Gorshkov" sold to the Indian Navy, was imprisoned in Russia in 2004 and foresaw that Russia will modernize ship for 750 million dollars and put the Indian carrier aviation in the same amount.

Initially transmission customer ship was planned in 2008, but due to the growth of the volume of work deadlines do not move once. Brand new contract amount of 2.3 billion dollars and is in addition to the signed agreement in 2004. On the ship will be based MiG-29K and Ka-27 and Ka-31.

By the time the true aircraft carrier "Vikramaditya"Was a major reconstruction on the Russian shipyard" Sevmash ".

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