India filed a complaint on the quality of the Russian Federation Smerch

India filed a claim on quality Russian "Smerch"

India filed a claim on quality RF multiple rocket launchers "Smerch", Defense News reported, citing a source in the Indian Defense Ministry. According to the Indian Army, in MLRS "Smerch" are problems of fire control systems, what specifically is not specified. In addition, the Indian Army has faced difficulties in obtaining spare parts for Russian weapons.

According to the source agency, the Russian-Indian talks on the issue took place designated in October 2011. What is under negotiation, is not clear. According to the Russian side, the problems of fire control systems are very rare and specific criteria. In addition, all multiple rocket launchers were tested Spices Indian Army on the acceptance tests, then already been taken on board.

India complains about the quality of the MLRS "Tornado"Not for the first time. In September 2010, the agency Jane's reported that the Indian land troops find problems and data exchange systems kursokrenoukazatelyami "Smerch".

At the current time in service with India are 42 complex "Tornado"Acquired in 2005-2006. They are used on a par with the 150 systems" Grad "and 80 MLRS Pinaka state of development. According to a source in the Defense News Army, despite the problems of some systems MLRS "Tornado"India wants to order some more of these systems. Earlier, the Ministry of Defence of India is requested from the Russian Federation and the production technology of such complexes, but was refused.

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