India foiled plot building their own aircraft carrier

India foiled plot building their own aircraft carrierGraduate from India construction the first aircraft carrier "Vikrant" its development three years later than originally planned, TNN reported, citing a source in the Indian Defense Ministry. It is expected that the construction of "Vikrant" will end in 2017. Launching a ship on the water to take place, when it will reach 25 thousand deadweight tons in the current time it is 14 thousand tons.

Bookmark "Vikrant"It is finished in February 2009. Initially pull ship the water was planned in October 2010, but this has not yet happened. India is engaged in the construction of aircraft carriers Shipyard Cochin Shipyard. Total displacement absolutely unfinished ship should reach about 40 thousand tons. Construction delayed due to lack of certain properties or ugly devices.

The contract for construction "Vikrant" the Ministry of Defence of India signed in 2003. The deal amounted to 32.6 billion rupees (592 million dollars), but since then costs have increased. Construction "Vikrant" provided with 2 contracts covering the steps to launching and until the end. Second military agreement with Cochin Shipyard has not signed it.

According to the publication, the delay of construction "Vikrant" dealt a blow to the Indian Navy, which was calculated to the end of 2015 to adopt two vsepolnotsennyh multi-carrier battle group. The core of the first should be modernized in Russia aircraft carrier "Vikramaditya" (past the "Admiral Gorshkov"), and the second — "Vikrant". Now by 2016 India will generate only one aircraft carrier group.

According to the project, the length of the Indian aircraft carrier will reach 260 meters, width — 60 meters. As the power plant will be used LM 2500 engines manufactured by the U.S. company General Electric. Ship will be able to reach speeds up to 28 knots. In the air group "Vikrant"Will include 29 deck fighters Tejas or MiG-29K/KUB and 10 Ka-31 helicopters or HAL Dhruv.

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