India found a critical issue for submarine Nerpa

India has found critical problems in the submarine "Nerpa"Indian Navy found only on our own nuclear submarine "Chakra" ("Seal") Project 971" Pike-B "critical issues of principle devices, reports PTI. What specific components it is, the Indian military is not specified, but noted that they are important for the functioning of the submarine. Indian Navy has asked the Ministry to change the faulty aggregates.

India adopted the submarine "Chakra" adopted first in April 2012. Ship, Also included in the Navy RF under the name of "Seal"Transferred to the Indian side on lease for 10 years. Acceptance Certificate" chakras "of the Indian Navy was signed in late December 2011 in the main headquarters of the Navy RF, and the ceremony of transfer of the ship was accomplished January 23 2012 , at the shipyard "Zvezda".

Rental price "Chakra" for the Indian Navy was about 900 million dollars. The submarine displacement of 12.8 thousand tons capable of diving to a depth of 600 meters and a speed of 30 knots. Ship armed missile complex "Club-S" and new torpedoes.

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