India got a nuclear submarine Nerpa with the 3-year delay

The ceremony for the transfer of India's military nuclear cubmariny "Nerpa" Russian production took place in the Sun at the site of shipyard "Zvezda", located in Bolshennom Stone. According to ITAR-TASS, attended the ceremony Indian salting in Russia Ajai Malhotra, Eastern Military District commander Admiral Konstantin Sidenko, representatives of Rosoboronexport, and the United Shipbuilding Company, several representatives from the command of the Pacific Fleet, Russian Federation.

India got a nuclear submarine "Nerpa" the three-year delay

Opened the ceremony hymns 2-states, then to the submarine was raised Indian flag, and on the cutting pull off the veil that hides the title of the new Indian submarine — "Chakra". As one of the participants, at the request of the Indians at the ceremony was not admitted members of the media. He noted that the management of nuclear submarines will be made only Indian crew, without verbovaniya Russian professionals.

Admission Act, the transfer of the nuclear submarine "Nerpa" lease to the Indian Navy for 10 years, was signed by the Indian and Russian sides in December 2011. Price concluded contract is worth more than nine hundred million dollars.

Representatives of the Head of Staff of the Navy said that at the time of signing the documents, all the checks and tests nuclear submarine "Nerpa" at sea successfully completed. Also clarified that the "Nerpa" will be credited to a military base in Visakhapatnam Eastern Command of the Indian Navy.

"Seal", K-152 project 971 "Pike-B" is a representative of nuclear submarines of the third generation. Laid a submarine in 1991 at a shipyard located in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, but in the middle of the 90s due to lack of funds, the construction of the boat was frozen. The upcoming construction of the submarines was made possible only after funding from the Indian side.

Boat have been received by the Indian Navy in 2009, but this vosprepyadstvovalo freelance operation of fire LOH (large boat chemical protection) during factory test run in the Sea of Japan. The compartments were filled with Freon, which led to the death of 20 people and hospitalized with poisoning are 21 submariner. At the time of the incident on the submarine was 208 people.

On the boat to perform a complex reconstruction, replaced by fire-fighting system and some other equipment, then the nuclear submarine "Nerpa" successfully passed the test cycles and scheduled to end in 2011 became part of the Russian Navy.

Submarine has a displacement of 12,770 tons, has a top speed of 30 knots. Maximum diving depth nuclear submarine "Nerpa" is 600 meters, endurance is 100 days. The crew comes to 80 people. By guesswork, operation will allow to create a submarine crew training for India's submarine fleet.

Nuclear submarine "Nerpa" armed with torpedoes, missiles, torpedoes and cruise missiles "Granit" with a range up to hit targets 3,200 km. But because of the imposed international agreement to control the proliferation of nuclear weapons limitations submarine, transmitted India, can not arm themselves with long-range missiles defeat. Because instead of the CD "Granit" missile submarine armed with a set of "Club-S", range is about 300 km.

Total in 1984 was built 15 submarines of this project. In 1988, India received, from the then Soviet Union, the K-43 "Chakra" Project 670 "Scat" lease for a term of three years. In 1991, the lease term is over, and, as noted at the time, experts, due to pressure from the U.S. Government Accountability Office Russian management has not renew lease contract.

Various media outlets reported that the Indian military gave up on fighting qualities of the submarine "Nerpa". That is, they are not satisfied quite unreliable weapons, because often torpedo guidance system is faltering. There was even information that the representatives of the Indian Navy want to abandon the contract, but can not do so because the construction of "Nerpa" significant funds have been spent.

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