India has acquired 42 Su-30MKI

India has gained another 42 Su-30MKI

According to "Interfax", India was acquired additional lot of fighters Sou-30MKI Russian production. In the presence of Dmitry Medvedev, President of Russia, and Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India, Dec. 16 2011 A protocol was signed at number two to the agreement in 2000. The new agreement provides delivery additional sets of the Indian side. They are designed for licensed assembly Sou-30MKI in the amount of 42 units.

Previously, between states was concluded three contracts for the supply of 230 Sou-30MKI. The total price of newly acquired aircraft was approximately 8.5 billion dollars. New agreement, which was podpisanno16 December will bring the Russian Federation has 3.4 billion dollars. Park Sou-30MKI Indian Air Force with the delivery, completion of which is scheduled for 2018, will be 272 units.

Also, between the Russian and Indian sides are negotiating the modernization of the Su-30MKI has received the Air Force India. Alexey Fedorov, president of "Irkut" in August 2011 said the fighter modernization will be carried out with the introduction of technologies warplanes fifth generation. Because of this Sou-30MKI will be converted into "Super Dry".

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