India has announced a tender for the supply of submarines

India has announced a tender for the supply of submarinesThe Government of India announced tender P-75I (Project-75 India) for the supply of six stealth submarines of the last generation, reports TNN. Applications for the role will be accepted until the end of September 2010. According to the results of the tender agreement favorite will cost 500 billion rupees (10.7 billion dollars).

According to the contest, the winning company of the tender should be put India two quite ready submarines and transfer of technology of their construction. The other four submarines will be built in Indian shipyards — three at Mazagon Docks and one — at Hindustan Shipyard.

According to the demand of the Indian military submarines should be built using stealth technology, also need to be able to attack ground targets. In addition, the submarine must be designed Makarov, that on them in the future would be set benchmarks promising weapons. In addition to these requirements to the submarines, which will be admitted to the competition, the conditions of the tender and especially slander presence of submarines airindependent powerplant.

In this case we can talk about diesel engines and steam turbines closed cycle engines on fuel cells, and Stirling engine. Closed-cycle diesel engines in the world vserasprostraneny not enough because of their small resources and the difficulty of service. Among the submarines airindependent power plant can be called French class submarine Scorpene, Spanish S-80, the German Type 212 and 214, the Swedish Gotland and Sodermanland, Chinese Type 041, also Russian projects 677 "Lada" and 1,650 "Cupid."

Navy conducted tender for the purchase of submarines to make up for the lack of subs, which will face the military since 2015. By this time, nearly half of India's non-nuclear fleet will be charged. At the current time in the Navy of the country including 15 submarines, 10 of which — the Russian, Project 877 "Halibut" and one — Project 641.

The situation is also complicated by the fact that the supply of submarines under the project P-75, launched in 2005, has been postponed for two years. In 2005, India signed an agreement with France for the supply of six submarines of the type Scorpene. Initially it was assumed that the first submarine will be delivered by the Indian Navy in 2012, but in April 2010 it became clear that this will not happen before 2014.

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