India has become the worlds importer of arms naikrupneyshim

India has become the world's largest arms importer

In much of the past 2-decades naikrupneyshimi importing weapons were China and the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf. But the situation has changed in the last couple of years. India beat out a naikrupneyshie importers of arms, followed by South Korea and Pakistan. China as before is the largest importer, but the volume of its imports do not exceed the volume of imports of the tiny Singapore. In turn, India imports about 10 percent of world exports of weapons, two times more than China.

The last configuration associated with the financial ability and self-sufficiency. After cool War 1991 China became naikrupneyshim importer Russian guns and naikrupneyshim thief Russian military technology. Though China and had a license to some Russian technology, even more, he simply stole it. Almost all with the result that five years ago Our homeland began to reject Chinese orders. At the same time, China continues to improve in copying Russian weapons. China aims to almost complete self-sufficiency tool, but there will always be some new standards weapons which they will seek to purchase and copy. It should be emphasized that China also became one of the biggest exporters of guns.

India is moving towards China, India not only steals and a much slower acquires leading technology necessary for the production of the most modern weapons. Until the 1990s, India had more modern weapons and equipment than China. Over the past two decades China caught up with and surpassed India. One result of this is that China is becoming more brutal of old times in solving border disputes with India on their own criteria. This led to India to import more modern weapons and zeal to become more self-sufficient in its design and production. But it proved to be very difficult, as India has long created bureaucracy (the Organization of defense research and development, DRDO), designed specifically to solve these puzzles. In fact, the DRDO has become a monumental example of bureaucratic inefficiency, wasting billions of dollars and decades to develop weapons systems, which have not entered the army (or when they enter the army, that in fact did not work).

On the other hand in the last two decades, South Korea has permitted personal firms to develop new types of weapons (often using acquired or licensed technology from abroad). So, for the production of new armored vehicles and warships were imported South American technology. Russian technologies have been applied to new designs of missiles. But at the same time, South Korea also imports a large number of modern weapons putting it on par with the Japanese (now a close ally), ahead of China and far ahead of North Korea (which constantly threatens to re-start the war).

The Gulf states as before are big importers of arms, but most of these states, especially Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, still master armament, gained by them over the last decade.

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