India has decided to rent a torpedo range in Kyrgyzstan

India has decided to rent a torpedo range in KyrgyzstanGround Lake Issyk-Kul Kyrgyzstan, where Our homeland experiencing high-speed underwater missile-torpedo "Flurry" can on the coming 10 years back in India. It is reported by portal News-Asia, citing sources in the Indian Embassy in Bishkek.

According to sources of publication, ground India may go in 2013. The likely amount of agreement in the Indian consulate to open diplomacy did not.

The enthusiasm in the Kyrgyz landfill India expressed back in 2011. Then New Delhi offered to Bishkek ground upgrade. Access to the test site for India is fascinating in that it tested a torpedo factory Kyrgyz "Dastan", 70 percent of which comes to India.

For the purchase of the plant, as reported "Rosbalt" India does not apply. For the Russian Federation "Dastan", namely, the rocket released "Flurry".

As explained by experts, which refers to Asia-News, India's presence in the Issyk-Kul is consistent with the interests of Russia. Moreover, the proximity of 2-states Kyrgyzstan can positively affect the Russian-Indian relations.

Our homeland rents in Kyrgyzstan several military installations, including anti-submarine weapons testing base in Karakol in Issyk-Kul region. As reported, for all objects Our homeland will pay Kyrgyzstan 4.5 million dollars a year.

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