India has developed advanced ballistic missile Agni-6

India will develop a new ballistic missile "Agni-6"

India is developing the latest ballistic missile "Agni-6" long-range reentry warhead with nuclear warheads personal guidance.

As said the agency "Press Trust of India" in the exhibition "Aero Indiana 2013" the head of the defense research and development (DRDO) Defence of India Vijay Kumar Saraswat, BR "Agni-5" in the current time is a major strategic defensive system of India. In the future, DRDO wants to make a ballistic missile "Agni-6", which owns over- battle efficiency and range.

Refusing to disclose range acts newest rocket V.K.Sarasvat said that fighting ability will be enhanced at the expense of the introduction of MIRV warheads with personal guidance (MIRV).

Proven in April 2012 BR "Agni-5" will be able to hit targets at ranges of up to 5,500 km. The implication is that the "Agni-6" range will exceed this figure and will be able to hit multiple targets at a distance of about 100 km from each other.

According to the statement V.K.Sarasvata, work in the framework of the applets is already underway, the design is completed and implemented step creation of hardware. Development of the "Agni-6" will allow India enter the elite club of countries possessing intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Like the "Agni-5", "Agni-6" will be a three-stage solid-fuel missile. Length ICBM is about 20 m, width — about 2 m and weight — 65-70 tons Presumably, rocket will be able to carry 4-6 warheads (depending on weight).

Managing DRDO also said the organization is working on building air defense systems / PRO, which provides effective protection against low-flying cruise missiles and enemy aircraft.

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