India has developed its counterpart AK-47

India has developed its own analog of the AK-47

The country wants to run it in creation recently. Indian gunsmiths recognize that it was created under the influence of the famous Kalashnikov assault rifle, but still is a unique development.

New automatic called "assault rifle Tiruchirapalli" and at the moment is factory tests with the role of military engineers and India. Initially automatic made to the police, but in the next, and it can give to the army.

The effective range of fire machine — 400 meters, for comparison, AK-47 perfectly hits the target at a distance of approximately 700 meters.

India has been automatic its development, but it caused a lot of prirekany by the military, because India wants to have automatic, quite comparable in features AK-47 and with all this self-produced, so as not to depend on imports, RIA "Novosti" with reference to the Indian press.

Earlier, the Indians have already tried to do creation Russian analogue machine, but this is caused by the prirekaniya Russian gunsmiths, alleges violations of the rights of the author. Now they are told that in a new machine a sufficient number of unique parts, and technical solutions to be considered a unique development.

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