India has started testing a new tank

India has started testing a new tank

Defense research organization India (DRDO) has begun testing the latest version of MBT Arjun Mark II. As reported in Mon, June 25, The Times of India, the tests pass on the range Pohran and will last until the end of July.

During testing experts at DRDO, among other, will check the characteristics of the tank 19, subjected to harsh criticism in its first version — Arjun Mark I, standing on the Indian army. Namely, it is about the latest infrared vision system created to perform tasks, even in complete darkness.

The second basic parameters to be verified, will be the main gun Arjun Mark II, curb laser-warning missile strike on the tank. System can for 10-15 seconds to find the incoming missile, a distraction which then issued a smoke grenade. The very cannon Arjun Mark II will become stronger and more long-range, and be able to fire anti-tank missiles. In addition, the new tank get improved armor, a navigation system and a mine plow.

In case of successful completion of the test Arjun Mark II Indian Defence Ministry plans to buy 124 new tanks in addition to the existing 124 tanks Arjun Mark I. As previously reported, the development of Arjun Mark II should be completed in 2014.

Tank Arjun weighs around 60 tons and is designed for 4-man crew: commander, driver, gunner and loader. The base of the tank weapons are 120-mm smoothbore gun and two machine guns — 7.62 and 12.7 mm.

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