India has tested a ballistic missile range of 5 thousand km

India has tested a ballistic missile range of 5 thousand kmIndia held on Thursday successful ballistic missile tests "Agni-5"Which can hit targets at a distance of five thousand kilometers, NDTV television channel reported, quoting official sources.
According to media reports, rocket was launched from Wheeler landfill on a peninsula off the coast of the eastern state of Orissa.

Tests were to be held on Wednesday, but was postponed, according to the official disk imaging, due to bad weather conditions.

According to the Indian press, "Agni-5"- Three-stage solid rocket. Its length — 17 m, weight — about 50 tons. It can hit targets different types of warheads, including nuclear weapons, at a distance of more than 5 thousand km, which is close to the intercontinental range.
Earlier, the head of the defense research and development (DRDO) Vijay Kumar Saraswat told the press that "Agni-5"Will allow India to enter the prestigious club of countries with intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Range ballistic missiles comparable to the current time is at the disposal of, the United States, China, Britain and France. A number of other states are developing in this direction.

According to professionals DRDO, rocket "Agni-5"Must pass a series of test launches, and it is expected that it will be ready to receive service in the 2014-2015 year.

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