India has tested a supersonic missile BrahMos

India has tested a supersonic missile "BrahMos"RIA Announcements. The Indian Army on Wednesday held another successful test of supersonic rocket "BrahMos"Developed by the Russian and Indian spices, report the newspaper Times of India.

According to the military command, missile launch "ground-to-ground" consisting armed land forces, was held at the site Chandipur in Orissa state in eastern India and was considered successful.

Missile systems "BrahMos"Marine and land-based are already in service with the naval and land forces of India. Preparing to install these weapons for fighter aircraft and submarines.

At the current time in the Indian Army deployed two regiments with missile systems "BrahMos"Who are capable of hitting targets at a distance of 300 km at a speed of up to 3 Mahov. According to media reports, similar missiles also will be equipped with another regiment, which will be deployed in the state of Arunachal Pradesh on the Chinese border.

The joint Russian-Indian venture BrahMos Aerospace, made by the Indian defense research and development (DRDO) and Russian NPO "Engineering", named after the rivers of India and Russia — the Brahmaputra and Moscow. Its headquarters are housed in New Delhi. The company produces a two-stage solid supersonic cruise missiles with a range of 290 km, capable of carrying warheads weighing 200-300 kg.

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