India has told of his artillery pieces

India spoke about his own artillery gunsDefense research organization India (DRDO), Together with the ground forces of the country began to develop the first Indian artillery caliber of 155 mm. As told in an interview to IBN Project Manager Sundaresa Sri (Shri Sundaresh), first experienced the standard tools can be ready in four to five years. With a full range of testing, brand new gun can be put into service within five to seven years.

According Sundaresa, new tool must possess a number of technical innovations. Increased attention will be paid to roll back the gun. Instead of the standard hydro-pneumatic circuits DRDO wants to use to compensate for recoil with adaptive rheological fluid viscosity. So Makar, recoil force will be approximately similar, regardless of the weight of ammunition and range shot.

The trunk of the new guns will protect the special coating, the increased battery life. In this case, as explained Sundaresa, Indians are ready to assist foreign partners. To configure the position of the barrel DRDO plans to use a special drive.

As told Sundaresa, at the present time India is the only country in the world develops Artillery tool the last generation. Other countries, including Velikbritaniyu and France, engaged in the modernization of existing developments.

The first time the launch of India's development of its 155 mm howitzers became clear in June 2011. But then, no details about the brand new project has not been reported. In May 2012, the Defense Ministry of India has sanctioned a purchase from U.S. 145 light 155-mm howitzer M777 BAE Systems total production cost of 560 million dollars.

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