India has upgraded radars at 18 military airfields

India has upgraded radars at 18 military airfieldsThe Ministry of Defence of India graduated installation of the Italian landing radar (radar) Selex Galileo 2080C 18 military airfields. On Wednesday, February 6, Jane's reports, quoting official sources in the industry.

According to the engineer Selex Tristano Leonardo (Leonardo Tristano), which quotes the edition, the latest flight control system launched on 17 airfields of Indian Air Force and one Navy airfield.

Radar station Selex Galileo 2080C works in the X-band (5200-11000 MHz) and helps the pilots during landing in bad weather. RLS can immediately track down the coordinates 32 approaching aircraft at a distance of 37 km.

At the moment, according to Jane's, upgrades are 30 of the 65 Indian Air Force airfields. The program is designed for three and a half years and is worth 240 million dollars. According to Indian Defense Ministry, by the end of 2015 the modernized airports will be able to accept all types of aircraft from the Air Force at least some weather.

In the upcoming India plans to install new radar and other military airfields, including the outstanding Army and Coast Guard.

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