India is developing an intercontinental ballistic missile

India is developing an intercontinental ballistic missileOn Tuesday, made a good start BRSD Agni-IV, demonstrated the highest level of features and technologies that have been made in the DRDO (management of defense projects and research work). And in missile development, they are some of the "quantum leap". In recent months, successfully and without any difficulties or problems were met launches 3 missiles (Prithvi, Shourya, Agni-II). Based on the acquired data, it is safe to conclude that the flight BR Agni-V, whose firing range of 5000 km, will be as successful. By the way, start said the rocket was appointed, according to preliminary reports, the most recent times.

It should be noted that BRSD Agni-IV by new technologies, including a ring laser gyro inertial navigation system, reinforced plastic (composite shell stage 2), micro navigation, powerful on-board computerized system, and advanced avionics, and system multi-channel communication. We specify that due to said reinforced plastic, the weight of the rocket sensitivity decreased, and this in turn allowed to increment the number of enclosing the fuel.

According to Dr. VK Saraswat (Adviser to the Minister of Defense for Science), has already been done rocket, having low weight, great speed and agility. And if you think it should be a little refined, so then you could do a manned flight into space. Note that the Agni-IV also has an advanced stage separation system, massive BATTERY, efficient engines, and of course uses high-energy solid fuel. This rocket adapted to start with starter mobile unit, and this is one of the most modern global technology today.
Scientists in India insist on the fact that, regardless of the restrictions on the import of technology, progress and development in science suspend unrealistic.

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