India is increasing its military presence on the border with China

India is increasing its military presence on the border with China Divide is planning to izderzhat about 13 billion. dollars to modernize the armed forces. According to the plan, which is the main Fri significant strengthening of the Indian military forces on the border with China, was developed in the defense ministry of the country. Namely, there is information about the formation of four divisions that will be posted on the India-China border. Imply that the two of them will go into the special forces prepared for war in the criteria of the mountains.

It should be noted that the Indian military to develop their armed forces with the expectation of war on two fronts — with Pakistan and China. Divide intensively involved in the arms race, which is in the Asia-Pacific region zatarivaemsya new weapons for the Air Force, Navy, Army, improving air defense command and control system, plans to create national missile defense, Russian-Indian fighter of the 5th generation, etc. on Nuclear Forces output to a new level. So in October, the Indian newspaper Pioneer said that Moscow will provide Indian state new technologies aiming for an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) "Agni-5 'range of up to 10 kilometers.

Indian elite believes that more possible opponents — is Pakistani and Chinese armies with them more than once on the border affected by armed conflict. In addition, the growth of high-spirited Divide care power of China. In July 2011, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said that China is very ahead of India. The Chinese are eager to enter the world's oceans and is practically built its own first aircraft carrier. "In response, India has to take the necessary response." Then the Prime Minister said that "despite the limited resources," India begins to modernize armed forces, including the Navy and Air Force. In addition, for the first time in many years, the government decides to serious efforts to develop infrastructure in the border with the PRC states. The Indian government would agree to raise the ceiling zahochut military military spending — said Singh.

October 5 Chief of Staff of the Indian Army General Vijay Kumar Singh said that in Pakistani Kashmir (which Divide believe in Indian occupied territories) found about 4 million Chinese people, including the number of military personnel including the People's Liberation Army of China. The Indians were concerned about having to "occupied territories" People's Liberation Army Corps of Engineers and the huge amount of construction equipment.

After that, the Indian press sources reported that the Indian Army will position tanks T-72 Russian production in the border with China and Pakistan mountains.

October 17, it was reported that in the state of Arunachal Pradesh (border with China) will be placed in the first division of tactical cruise missile "BrahMos". Three of the same division is located on the border with Pakistan. Missiles "BrahMos" can cover the target in Chinese Tibet.

Experts believe that a similar activity of Indian Armed Forces is associated with the development of China's military infrastructure in the border area with India and strengthening of military-technical cooperation between China and Pakistan. Occasion for a big war between with 2 majestic powers in the current time, no, but the arms race continues. China and India solve puzzle modernizing their armed forces, bringing them to a new level. At present, Beijing and Divide are two controversial areas: Indian Arunachal Pradesh, on which claimed by China, considering it a part of Tibet, and the Indians believe the occupied territories of India — high desert Aksai Chin and Trans-Karakoram Tract (Kashmir).

In general, the Russian Federation (like the U.S.) is a profitable situation — Divide obliged to purchase huge amounts of weapons in Russia and the West. China needs more serious about defending their own western borders, apart from the north. Armament Indians we have nothing to fear — the common border and territorial disputes with India, we do not, things are usually friendly. Up to 60% of India's military imports (frigates, combat aircraft, helicopters, aircraft carrier being completed, tanks, etc.) are in Russia and we are making on the Indian order of 5-6 billion. dollars each year.

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