India made a poor start ballistic missile

India produced a failed launch of a ballistic missileIndian Air Force conducted another test short-range ballistic missiles Prithvi-II, reports Deccan Chronicle. Tests generally recognized bad took place at the site Chandipur in Orissa. During the test, rocket failed to start. What was the premise of the failure is not yet clear.

According to military sources, publications, a prerequisite for a failed rocket launch was technical problems or at the very rocket, or in the auxiliary systems, such as the launcher. At the current time, the Commission establishes clear preconditions problems. The last four test launches Prithvi-II have been successful. The last of them was held June 18, 2010.

Prithvi-II is a single-stage liquid rocket on a mobile launcher vehicle based on the Czech Tatra. Range rocket launch is 250 km. Prithvi-II capable of carrying a nuclear warhead or everyday weighing up to 750 kg. Liquid rocket engines developed by the defense research and development (DRDO) of India on the basis of Russian rocket propulsion B-755 anti-aircraft missile system S-75 "Dvina".

It must be emphasized that the failed tests Prithvi-II, already adopted for service in India in various modifications are not uncommon. Specifically, in March 2010 in India have failed tests interceptor missile AAD, which was to bring down a ballistic missile imaginary enemy. Reprized the role of enemy missiles Prithvi-II, which significantly after starting off course and fell into the sea. In general, repeated tests, which took place in July of this year were found to be successful.

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