India makes the most expensive tank in the world

India generates the most expensive tank in the world

English source of Jane's Defense Weekly published an article stating that a new Indian tank Arjun Mk2 will have a price of 8.02 million U.S. dollars, while the Russian T-90 has a cost of 2.5 million USD. The cost of the Indian tank even more than the price of South American M1A1, which is "predatory prices" comes to Iraq (6.95 million dollars).

It is reported that the Indian Army are armed with a limited number of tanks prior modification of Arjun Mk1 price of 3.68 million dollars per unit. This tank has a 60% foreign-made devices. Unnamed Indian bureaucrat said that the modification was a brand new 93 "improvements" of their 13 "large." More fundamental was the modernization of equipment applets tank guided missiles fired from the barrel of a gun. The Indian military wants to acquire more than 250 new tanks. The tanks will be produced in 2015 at a factory in Avadi (southern India).

India imported from Russia 647 T-90S tanks and wants to make additional licenses 1,000 combat vehicles. This decision is connected with patch of Indian tanks. Sensational price Arjun Mk2 can lead to the fact that India give up its production. South american tank M1A1 is the everyday price of about 4 million, and price Iraqi "Abrams" in 6950000 USD the press was called "predatory." Creator of the article in Jane's Defense Weekly claims that fabulous price Arjun Mk2 one hundred percent overturns approval of the Indian authorities that the tank will consist of 90% of Russian components and assemblies.

Jane's Defense Weekly ironically applets over the creation of both the Arjun tank in a longish stories applets development of military equipment. The development of the tank is from 1972. International practice shows that since the beginning of the development and mass production of tanks usually takes 8 years. Reported that the programm was very ambitious and actually "wrong". The article says that while Arjun pass thorny path of development, Pakistan with China, which is modernizing tanks Type 59 and Type 69, and at the present time the country has mastered the creation of third-generation tank Al-Khalid (Arabic translated as "immortal").

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