India may join NATO missile defense expansion programmke

India may join NATO missile defense program expansionIndia is seriously considering proposals NATO to join their missile defense program there. In this case, NATO tries to embody the massive development plan springboard to reflect the likely impact of the, first, Iran, also from Pakistan, whose actions worsened markedly in relation to the United States. India has its old scores with Islamabad because the Western proposal Indian authorities have apprehended a noticeable enthusiasm.

If India agrees to become part of NATO's missile defense system, it is completely possible to assume that NATO outright kill 2-birds with one stone gets allies in nuclear power, and with its location reflects, if any, of his enemy missile attacks. Need to see that India today has a fairly significant potential in the field of missile defense. In the criteria of constant confrontation with the adjoining Pakistan, the Indian government has long been engaged in financing various programs for the design, development and testing of missiles of various classes, "surface-to-surface" ("Agni-2", "Shoriya" and "Prithvi-2) and" surface- air "(" Akash "). In addition to using "child" of its own production in India is quite closely cooperating with Israel in terms of purchases of missile technology. So in recent years, Israel had acquired missiles "Barack", which belong to a class of missiles near the act. India lusted to acquire Israel's missile defense system and the "Arrow", but in this case the Americans blocked the deal, because the development of "Arrow" was used a number of American technology. For obvious reasons, the United States tend to share their developments with countries that are their allies until you are.

How profitable to cooperate with the Indian side NATO — Is still an open question, but the fact that India can and without the help of others to defend its borders — can not be questioned. On today conducted several successful tests of "Agni-2" and other missiles "surface-to-surface". In addition preparing to test missile "Agni-2 Prime '. As stated by the CEO of the developer, the head part of the rocket and its engines are ready. First launches planned in November to work with mobile launchers — huge trucks. On the same platform wheel starts and the other rocket — "Akash", which is the intermediate-act. It is fully capable to capture everything that moves at a height of up to 18 km and at a distance up to 30 km.

Such a profound layered missile defense will allow protect against a possible attack by Pakistani missiles not only the capital — New Delhi, and the town of Mumbai and Bangalore. Protection of Bangalore to which the Pakistani missiles fly about 8 minutes, the Indian authorities did not pay much attention to the case. Specifically located in Bangalore Chief Information Technology Center of the country. If this center will be amazed that the whole country is just insecure. Bangalore used to protect the control signals from the Israeli missile complex radar which bears the title "Green Pine".

It remains to wait for a response to the invitation of the Indian side NATO to join forces in deploying large-scale missile defense system.

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