India on the way to his own fighter of the 5th generation

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL).
India on the way to his fighter of the 5th generationAt the current time on the planet adopted for only one fighter of the 5th generation — the South American F-22 "Raptor", the second U.S. aircraft F-35 will soon be launched in the series, is being finalized.

Russian Federation made the PAK FA fighter got two models of the wing. Since 2015 it is planned purchase of Russian fighter serial 5th generation in the army. Model airplane 5th generation created in China, Tokyo has also expressed a desire to make your own fighter of the 5th generation.

Fifth power, which began to create their own fighter of the 5th generation, has become India. Its principal place of business — it's aircraft manufacturer Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL). The company that made in 1940 as the local unit to build aircraft for the Royal Indian Air Force, to the true time has grown into a strong corporation, enterprises and units which are placed in a 7-towns of the country, and the number of employees has exceeded 34 thousand people. Within the structure of HAL 19 production centers (companies) and 10 research institutes and centers now produce 26 types of aircraft, 14 of them — for the license, and others — their development. Revenue growth in the 2009-2010 fiscal year, compared with the previous reporting period increased by 10.5% to 2.5 billion. bucks, and formed at the end of the same period a portfolio of $ 15 billion. bucks.

New Step of military construction in India

India on the way to his fighter of the 5th generation
India has adopted a new Regulation on the implementation of procurement rules for defense (Defence Procurement Policy 2011) and the main provisions of the military-industrial policy (Defence Production Policy). Now zabugornom firms be allowed to create and Indian enterprises of the military-industrial complex (MIC), a joint venture on almost all criteria, without any restrictions on the scope and percentage ratio of a little bit of ownership (such restrictions existed previously). And in the latest offset policy zabugornom designers and manufacturers from now permitted to go beyond the production of military purpose and engage in co-operation with companies civilian sector of Indian economy and industry (one of the priorities — the means of law enforcement and civilian aircraft industry). Taking into account the large and constantly increasing rapidly the amount of offset programs, the Indian government and industrialists even had to go to the creation of a special body — the Agency to promote the offset programs when in the field of defense (Defence Offsaet Facilitation Agency — DOFA).

Help: Offset Transaction — kind of compensation deal for the purchase of imported goods, which is an important prerequisite counterclaim to invest part of the funds of the contract to the economy of the importing country. Offset deals in the majority of cases occur in the import of products of the military-industrial complex, but are also found in the civilian sector. One of the negative consequences of the introduction of the printing mechanism is a rise in the cost of the contract price due to the inclusion of the supplier of the likely costs for the implementation of offset programs.

India's Defense Minister Arakkaparambil Kurian Antony said that "from now on all the tenders for the purchase of arms and military equipment will be carried out only by the rules of the competition 100 percent," without some protection to those or other companies and factory teams. The Indian government is also "punish" engaged in the defense industry companies and organizations in every possible way to increase their own level of technology — by developing their own zabugornyh and absorption of technology and know-how, and the main value in the "new defense industrial policy" is given specifically aerospace sector — a more resource- and technologically capacious allows you to make high-quality leap forward in virtually all sectors of the industry (including the civilian use).

Divide strive to accelerate the modernization of its own aerospace industry and its output to the level where the Indian aerospace branch will be able to participate on equal terms in tenders for the supply of arms to Indian armed forces. Problem is worth departing from the joint development of models of aircraft and weapons, and the transition to the development of Indian products, without the participation of foreign partners.

Major Indian applets

— Creating a light fighter "Tejas» (LCA), which is designed Spices of HAL, said the developer as a "combat aircraft technology has the fourth generation." It is made for the substitution of a wide fleet of MiG-21. Preliminary design airplane, the first step is the designation LCA (Light Combat Aircraft — «Light Combat plane"), Was launched in September 1987 and ended in November 1988. The works were carried out with Indian spices, but with substantial technical assistance of French aircraft company "Dassault" — French fraction was 10 million dollars, but the first model of the new combat aircraft flew only 4 January 2001, officially the start of series production at the facilities of HAL was announced in 2007, in March 2010, the first production aircraft made the first flight. In July 2010, the company rolled out in Bangalore was the 1st Fighter modification created for the Indian Navy.

This program is so far happy experiences problems, for example, the situation of the power plant destroyer. First you want to establish an Indian engine "Kaveri", but, according to Indian professionals, for 20 years to develop it has spent about 455 million dollars, but the result did not satisfy the customer, prompting the Air Force and HAL to seek help from foreign companies. Eventually, in October 2010, American company "General Electric" won an order to supply 99 engines 2015-2016 F414-INS6.

As of mid-February 2011 the Indian Air Force ordered 40 aircraft, plans to buy 40 more recently, as per the Indian Air Force has a need for 2-acres of light fighters.

India on the way to his fighter of the 5th generation

India on the way to his fighter of the 5th generation

— Immediately go to work on the modification of "Tejas» Mk II — under the "Aero India — 2011", the developer of the model has been demonstrated for 4 variations of 'Tejas' — two versions of modifications Mk I and Mk II aircraft for the Air Force and the Indian Navy. The main differences — made reconfiguration of interio
r space, which allowed to increment the volume of fuel in internal tanks, reinforced construction, more massive engines F414 (in the long run will still be installed on Indian fighter engines "Kaveri"), as the installation of an improved avionics, including a new set of electronic warfare and an onboard computer. First flight Mk II is planned for 2015-2016 year, According to representatives of HAL, the customer has expressed preparatory intrigued to purchase 80 aircraft "Tejas» Mk II engines with F414.

— Successfully implemented the creation of the example program again, the Indian training aircraft, received the first indication IJT «Sitar." This aircraft is a two TCB created for flight training Indian pilots. TCB is equipped with a Russian engine AL-55I, a developer of "Saturn".

India on the way to his fighter of the 5th generation

India on the way to his fighter of the 5th generation

Indian MIC participates in the project of Brazilian EMB-145. Its on-board equipment will be motivated by the Indian production. The contract price of 208 million dollars for three AWACS aircraft EMB-145 has been signed with the Brazilian company "Embraer" in 2008, the roll-out of the first car was accomplished at the company's plant in Sao Jose dos Campos February 21, 2011, shares in 2011 waiting for the plane to India.

— India has decided to participate in the development of Russian aircraft 5th generation — PAK FA, the program received the title-FGFA (Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft). Hindustan Aeronautics will develop bortovik promising fighter. In addition, India will create a navigation system for the modified PAK FA, a huge part of the information displays in the cockpit and a system of self-defense. Other work will lead Russian company "Sukhoi". For India, will create a double modification of the PAK FA.

India on the way to his fighter of the 5th generation
— Held on the first half of February 2011 at Bangalore International Aerospace Exhibition "Aero India — 2011" has been demonstrated to model the Indian fighter of the 5th generation, the program that started the creation of the Indian agency ADA and received the name of "promising medium combat aircraft» (Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft or AMCA). He must occupy a niche between heavy fighter of the joint Russian-Indian development and light fighter 'Tejas'. Feasibility study programs from the development and mass production of aircraft is planned to cook, as stated at the fair representatives of ADA, by the end of this year, after a government commission will make out exposed materials and accept the decision on such major issues applets, as the number of prototypes and the schedule of construction, programs from the budget, its timing and production schedule for production vehicles.

According to the head of the project at the agency ADA Subramanian: "We can begin flight tests AMCA by the end of the decade, and in the middle of the next decade — to start delivering production vehicles." Budding fighter will be a single-seat aircraft take-off weight of about 20 tons, with a range of "stealth version" of the order of 1000 km. According to representatives of the ADA, fighter will have internal weapons bays, improved radar, two motors (presumably "Kaveri") with thrust vectoring, vozduhopoglotiteli serpentine shape. Fighters will be created with the widespread introduction of radar absorbing composites and coatings that will allow it to reduce visibility in the different spectra. His combat load is 5 tons. In the "non-stealth" version of the aircraft will be equipped with additional suspension points. It is also planned to make 2-seater variant — combat training.

India on the way to his fighter of the 5th generation

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