India plans to change Arjun

India plans to replace ArjunIndia began work on its next generation tank. It is called FMBT (The future main battle tank), the purpose of its creation is high-quality replacement last tank of Indian development, Arjun.

This worries many Indian taxpayers and the military, because the government has only recently ordered an additional 124 units of tanks Arjun. Competitive tests between the Indian Arjun and Russian T-90 brought a surprise victory Arjun. The Indian Army has had to conduct comparative field tests under pressure proardzhunskih politicians. They competed with the local tank Arjun, which was previously recognized prakicheski bleak and Russian T-90, currently being considered as the main tank Indian Army. Have been applied for fourteen units of each tank, and the results were classified. But journalists will have no problems to get unofficial reports that Arjun managed to best -90 pass the tests of mobility, endurance and firepower.

This was especially so as at this time, Arjun was considered expensive and failure. Development Arjun began in the 1980s and lasted until 2006, the army has received only 5 of them, for the purposes of evaluation. Estimates were not decent. Initially, Arjun had to change thousands of Russian tanks, but after many delays, army reluctantly prinyada 128 Arjun (accepted for service 140 Armoured Brigade).

India plans to replace Arjun

New test results have led to renewed pressure on the army to buy more tanks Arjun. It was a victory for the Defense Ministry bureaucrats engaged in the development and purchase of guns over the generals. Officials led 1-0. But the struggle continues. Presumably the test results can be explained in that Arjun is really fixed all the problems associated with electronics. In this case, the fire control system. But Arjun also had problems with the engine, and the fact that its size and weight are not allowed to use it in a modern tank.

Regarding the FMBT is expected that he will weigh up to 50 tons, and the rest will be at Arjun and other modern tanks. FMBT is expected to vary little old Russian tanks.

Meanwhile, in the past year, Indian plant delivered the first 10 (of thousand) T-90 tanks for the Indian Army. Russian tanks designs are made in India under license. Many components of Indian origin, and some electrical components imported from Western suppliers. T-90 is produced in India is worth about $ 3 million each. India has already bought 700 T-90 Russian production, amounting to $ 3.5 million each. It is expected that the FMBT will be worth more than $ 5 million each. High price is justified extensive use of high technology. It contains the active missile defense system to defeat anti-tank missiles, more powerful engine, a lot of electronics and sealed compartment crew with protection against bacteriological, chemical weapons and radiation. All of these things are quite complicated to develop.

Four years back India had adopted Russian T-90 as its own new main battle tank. By 2020, India will have 2,000 upgraded T-72, 1,500 T-90, and a few hundred other tanks (including several Arjun). This will be the most powerful armored force in Eurasia, unless China overtake it, modernizing its armored forces. The border between China and India is high in the Himalayan mountains, which are not a suitable place for the use of tanks. Armored forces of India priemuschestvenno designed for use against Pakistan.

India plans to replace Arjun

T-90 is a very advanced evolution of the T-72. Initially, the T-90 was designed as a replacement design. The successor to the T-72 had to be the T-80. But, as in the history of the T-62 and T-64 prior to the establishment of T-80 has gone completely because planned. So the T-72 was significant improvement of the tower, more powerful engine and various add-ons, resulting in out -90. He had a mass of 47 tons, with virtually the same dimensions as the T-72. In the same wrapper came out the best content. With highly trained crews, this tank can be deadly weapon unsafe. Arjun weighs 59 tons and is still huge dimensions.

FMBT, may be more similar in size to the T-90. Indian spices at the vehicles, both military and civilian, I trust that the FMBT will be based on the faster T-90 than Arjun. But the important thing FMBT project is DRDO (Organization for Defense Development), which also developed the Arjun. The fear is that DRDO specialists have learned nothing at bolshennom number of your mistakes when developing Arjun. Journalists learn how conscientious field tests were between T-90 and Arjun. In any country the question of military equipment is always associated with the policy, and in India, this problem is very severe.

Hunt to impose that FMBT will not be the latest in failure DRDO.

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