India plans to complete the development of a promising tank for 5-7 years

India plans to complete the development of advanced tank for 5-7 years

Chief Controller for Armaments and engineering systems of defense research and development (DRDO) of India S.Sundaresh Defense announced the details of the specification of a promising MBT, developed under the programs from FMBT (Future Main Battle Tank).

Tank FMBT intended to substitute T-72 MBT NE India after 2020. It is planned that an experienced model FMBT will be created in the next 5-7 years. Will be applied when developing a modular architecture that will allow prompt to upgrade the MBT when new technologies.

Weight FMBT will be about 50 tons (for comparison: in the developed "Arjun» Mk.2 weight is 62 tonnes). MBT will develop a improved of the engine compartment of the "pauerpak", which received the designation "Bharat". Motor Size FMBT power of 1500 hp amount to two-thirds the size of the power plant, "Arjun» Mk.1, the capacity of which is 1,400 hp First experienced the state standard engine will be ready by 2016. For fine-tuning the motor tank formed state development group, which includes representatives of the customer, industry and the DRDO. The works will be drawn and foreign consultants. Designing the box tank has already begun. It is planned to extensively use small-sized electronic equipment, which is a small place.

Immediately to the development of FMBT MBT creates a new version of "Arjun" — "Arjun» Mk.2. In total, the current design of the tank "Arjun» Mk.1 plan to make 93 modifications, including equipping it with an improved anti-aircraft machine gun and missile system to destroy ground targets at long range and protection from attack helicopters.

Panoramic sight with night vision for the tank commander will develop a system of automatic target tracking, which can improve the search target NIGHT MODE and accuracy of lesion-moving subjects.

Dynamic protection will be made in the form of iron units stationed all over the body MBT. The negative aspect tank sensor dynamic protection is to increase its weight of 1.5 tonnes, but it will allow the car to protect against attacks from above and from the sides. Will also be strengthened protection MBT "Arjun» Mk.2 from missiles and rocket-propelled grenades.

At the moment, NE India plans to acquire 124 tank "Arjun» Mk.2. Create MBT will be carried out at the factory languid Engineering (HVF) in Avadi.

Delivery will be made in two steps. In the first step 45 MBT "Arjun» Mk.2 will be transferred to East India with 56 Modifications, including equipment and missile system, the commander panoramic sight. In the second step, the remaining 79 will be delivered by MBT, which will be implemented all the planned modification. First planned to deliver 30 tanks in 2013-2014. Total price 124 MBT "Arjun» Mk.2 is estimated at 50 billion rupees (more than 1 billion dollars).

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