India pledged to continue buying Russian MiG-29

India pledged to continue buying Russian MiG-29

India's defense ministry will continue to purchase Russian decked MiG-29K/KUB, despite the collapse of a similar model aircraft near Astrakhan last week.

This was said on Friday, July 1, the commander of the Indian Navy Divide admiral Nirmal Verma as the "Interfax". Admiral highlighted that flying fighter planes in India will last as usual.

On Thursday, June 23 at Akhtubinsky crashed near Astrakhan region MiG-29. As a result, the tragedy of the whole crew battle car died. Crash came away from populated Fri, because more victims.

The investigation team found out that the premise of the tragedy was the human factor. Test pilots, doing some complex combat maneuvers in full armor at high speed, were well below the required height and could not get out of its dive.

Antecedent crash MiG came out in November 2010 on the ground of the Perm region. Victims as a result of this tragedy was not.

For a few days before the tragedy crashed MiG on the terrain of Romania, who came into the Romanian Air Force.

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