India preferred Apache Night Hunter

India preferred "Apache" "Night Hunter"

The helicopter "Mi-28N" produced by Russian company "Rostvertol" lost in the biggest tender for the supply of modern helicopters to India South American attack helicopters «Apache AH-64D». According to the Indian military command, "in tests, including the use of military arsenal, helicopters have proven good combat units, but the South American strike aircraft showed its advantage in the important properties for us — high quality extra abilities and the use of machines in all criteria. This is not the first trouble Russian industrialists, in the spring of 2011 had been missed in the tender for the supply of Indian Air Force multi-role fighter aircraft, "MiG-35."

India preferred "Apache" "Night Hunter"

At the moment, India are three of the tender for the purchase of helicopters for the Air Force, 1st — 22 attack helicopters (which has already lost our home), 2nd — 12 languorous helicopter transport mission, third — 197 light helicopters. Estimated price of all tenders — 2.5 billion dollars. Russian side takes an active role in all tenders and there is no data on the results of the last 2-hoo.

Our industrialists are very hope for winning the tender for the supply of light helicopters, will allow it to become one of the largest suppliers to the Russian Federation in a new market sector of India. Who are tested 2-main contenders — Russian Ka-226T and the AS550 Fennec. In the event of winning the tender, Our homeland will change the entire Indian fleet of light helicopters «Alouette 2/3", used mostly in the mountainous areas of the country.

India preferred "Apache" "Night Hunter"

Tender for the supply of languid helicopters also left 2-main contenders — Russian "Mi-26T2" and South American «CH-47F Chinook».

India preferred "Apache" "Night Hunter"

In the future, the Ministry of Defence of India is planning to organize several tenders for the purchase of rotorcraft technology and very exciting for Russia tender for the purchase of multi-purpose attack helicopters for the Navy of the country. According to preliminary estimates, in the coming 10 years, India will adopt some 700 new helicopters.

Does not strike and the decision of the military department of the Russian Federation for the purchase of army units attack helicopter "Mi-35M" — version of a helicopter "Mi-24" for outdoor market.

India preferred "Apache" "Night Hunter"

"Helicopter The Mi-35M is very easy to manage, and commissioning is much faster and expensive new Mi-28N ", — underline the military spec. No one in the Ministry of Defence does not deny that the new helicopters, such as the Ka-52 and Mi-28N, today are more sophisticated than their counterparts who are in service of our Army, but in the purchase of helicopters for the armed forces initially considered the continuity of the helicopter and technological simplicity management.

But all this does not mean that the helicopters did not come into the army, a series of volumes of purchases of helicopters Ka-52 and Mi-28N is now small and account for less than one third of all military helicopters acquired by the Office of the Russian Federation in 2011.

The history of "Night Hunter"

When designing a new attack helicopter developers of EDO Capital Aviation Plant tried to take into account aspects of the use of the helicopter in military units of the Land Forces — taking off and landing in all weather conditions and at any time of interchangeability of fuel, ammunition standardization, compatibility, control and communication.

For the creation of the helicopter was a unique situation, the main factories and companies while idle without orders, and engineers used the bureau capacity and backlogs rocket and gallakticheskogo complex.

Mi-28N — the new aircraft machine having avionics and airframe fifth generation. Made the installation of new developments: box, bearing system, advanced booking, managing screw spacing of basic control systems. Virtually all parts of the Russian production.

To increase the survivability of "Mi-28N" were implemented following solutions:
— separation of engines for various boards and connecting their main gear to avoid defeat capacity engines one shot or a shot of the enemy;
— implementation of flying on one engine and mechanical systems of a certain hour without lubrication;
— transition to pneumatic actuators, instead of early helicopters used for hydraulic actuators;
— complete booking cockpit, shielding and redundancy of critical systems and units;
— duplicated and placed on the sides of the helicopter control system and electrical components.

Tests have shown that the helicopter, in general, can withstand 7.62 mm ammunition, armored windshield glass can withstand 12.7 mm caliber ammunition, armored helicopter stand side by entering the 20-mm ammunition.

According to its flight and combat features of "Mi-28N" far exceeds «Apache AH-64D», but there are two main factors that bring all the advantages of Russian helicopters to nothing:
— Copa «Apache AH-64D» has long been in mass production, and, as it follows many of the design flaws have long been identified and corrected;

— Russian helicopter has no combat experience and expertise in the use of military conflicts, so we can say that all the advantages of the helicopter are still sketch on paper.

The main characteristics of "Night Hunter":
— length of 17 meters;
— height of 3.8 meters;
— weight of 10 tons;
— two motors "TIZ-117VMA";
— average speed of 265 km / h;
— average distance of 500 km deeds;
— ceiling height 5.7 thousand meters;
— the number of pilots 2 people;
— the possibility of carrying 2 people

— gun "2A42" 30 mm caliber, 300 rounds ammunition;
— the load on the suspension 4 to 1600 kg;
— four anti-tank "Storm";
— two launchers with NUR-caliber 130 mm;
— 16 anti-tank "Whirlwind"

Different schemes are likely to in
stall additional weapons, such as: rocket launchers, machine guns, bombs, missiles "air-to-air" or mining blocks.

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