India rearm coastguard

India rearm coastguardThe Government of India has approved the plan for the modernization Coast Guard countries for a total amount of 390 million dollars. According to Defense News, coastguard decided to buy new ships, aircraft and radar.

As expected, the arms coast protection will rise 5 patrol boats, high performance boats, 41, 12 Dornier patrol aircraft and 38 radar stations. Radars are expected to become operational in the middle of 2013.

Earlier, India launched the 46 radar stations coast protection. So Makar, adopted coastguard in the general difficulties stand 84 radars located along the coast, on the islands. Their main task will be the identification of suspicious vessels.

To strengthen the Coast Guard India, says Defense News, India went after the terrorist attacks in Mumbai in November 2008. Then, according to investigators, the terrorists hit the town aqua method.

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