India refused to buy Iron Dome

India refused to buy "Iron Dome"Indian Ministry of Defence refused to buy the Israeli system Missile Defense "Iron Dome» (Iron Dome). On this, as reported by Defense News, said the commander of the Indian Air Force Norman Anil Kumar Browne. According to him, the Israeli system Missile Defense does not fit the Indian armed forces. With all this Brown did not specify what specific characteristics of the system do not satisfy the requirements of the military.

Israel offered to India to buy "Iron Dome" in 2010. In addition, the Israeli company Rafael led to the Indian military department of the negotiations for the supply of missile defense systems, "David's Sling» (David's Sling). Previously, the fact of the negotiations for the supply of anti-missile complexes was confirmed by representatives of the Ministry of Defence of India, but did not specify at what stage they are.

In 2009, the Ministry of Defence of India signed an agreement with Israel to develop a joint venture to develop a system Missile Defense medium-range missiles capable of striking the enemy at a distance of 70 km. Cost of the project amounted to 2.2 billion dollars. There are participating Indian defense research organization and development (DRDO), and the Israeli company IAI and Rafael.

In addition, India is developing its system Missile Defense, in the composition of which should enter missile AAD and Prithvi Air Defense. The project is a few steps from the end of the first of which is scheduled for the 2013-2014 year.

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