India refuses to MiG-27 in 2017

India refuses to MiG-27 in 2017India wants abandon of Russian fighter jets MiG-27 in 2017 because of frequent defects in the engines. It is reported by The Indian Express quoted a source in the Indian Air Force.

According to the official publication, Air Force commission found that the engines on the Russian R-29B-300 is produced by the lack of time, which it is difficult to correct. In several cases, these faults have led to the collapse of aircraft. Thus, since 2001, India has lost 12 MiG-27. According to one version, the fault in the engines appeared after the service at the enterprises of the Indian company Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL).

The first aircraft will be used for write-off of 2-Kalaikunda squadrons from the air base in the state of Kharagpur. Then the Air Force and refuse from the 2-squadrons from the base of Jodhpur in Rajasthan, which has recently been modernized in enterprises HAL. According to Flightglobal MiliCAS, armed with 88 fighters of India are MiG-27.

Earlier, India announced plans in 2018 abandon of all Russian fighters MiG-21 (153 units), and for reasons of the highest accident rates. As reported in the last three years, India has lost 10 helicopters and 33 fighter aircraft, 27 of which were in "MiG". Russian side explained to the highest accident rate of Indian aircraft introduction of counterfeit parts lowest property.

At the current time in service of India are almost 900 aircraft grade "MiG". Some of these aircraft are scheduled to change the French fighter Rafale, winning the tender MMRCA. In addition, India continues to purchase Russian Su-30MKI fighters, also plans to adopt a multi-purpose light fighter aircraft Tejas, tests shall last.

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