India remains for Russia naikrupneyshim partner in military-technical cooperation

India remains a major partner of Russia in the sphere of military-technical cooperation

According TSAMTO, Indian package of orders for Russian cannon at the coming four years (2010-2013). Amounts to 15.16 billion dollars.

India is the only country with which Our homeland has a long example program for military-technical cooperation. The prospects of future development of relations of 2-defined signed in December 2009 by an intergovernmental agreement on military-technical cooperation program there for the period 2011-2020.

Larger programs from being implemented in the field of aeronautical engineering. To date, the final stage of signing of the agreement came on the joint development of technical design sketched fighter fifth generation FGFA (Fifth-Generation Fighter Aircraft), which should make konkurentnst South American F-22 and F-35.

Continued for 3 years of preparatory negotiations with a view to harmonizing criteria agreements successfully completed. The contract will be signed in December. Funding programs from development, is estimated at 12 billion dollars will be divided in equal Shreds between Russian and Indian side.

A huge breakthrough in bilateral relations was signed on September 9 this year in New Delhi agreement to develop a joint venture to design and development of reactive multi-role transport aircraft (MTA — Multi-role Transport Aircraft) medium-lift last generation.

The shareholders of the company have become the latest Indian company "Hindustan Aeronautics Limited" (50%), JSC "United Aircraft Corporation" (25%) and "Rosoboronexport" (25%). The possible cost of the project is estimated at 600.7 million dollars. Investments from both sides make for 300,350,000 dollars.

When reducing the supply of Russian military hardware finishing samples of bilateral military-technical cooperation of production emphasis shifts to the transfer of licenses creation Russian military hardware in India, joint R & D and custom, and the creation of joint ventures for the development, production, modernization and repair of defense products.

Among the larger projects related to the transfer of licenses creation Russian military hardware in India, are licensed creation functional Su-30MKI fighters, T-90 MBT, also of AL-55I for Indian fusion HJT-36 and HJT-39 and RD-33 series 3 for the MiG-29. In connection with such a large-scale transfer of technology, in 2005, signed an agreement on mutual protection of rights to intellectual property.

One of the more successful projects is the joint creation cruise missile "BrahMos" in the joint venture "BrahMos Aerospace."

Exceptional importance for the determination of the vector of the forthcoming India's relations with partners in the MTC becomes tender for medium multi-role fighters for the Indian Air Force, the possible value of which is estimated at 10-12 billion dollars. In this contest the proposed UAC MiG-35 faced stiff konkurentnstyu by U.S. companies "Boeing" and "Lockheed Martin", presented a draft of aircraft F/A-18E/F «Super Hornet 'and F-16" Fighting Falcon ", as Western "Dassault", SAAB and the "Eurofighter".

Our homeland is also involved in several tenders for the supply of Sun India helicopters.

This year we plan to transfer the Indian Navy on lease for 10 years submarine of project 971 "Pike-B." Rent price will be 650 million.

With India all agreed price questions for the conversion of aircraft carrier "Admiral Gorshkov aircraft carrier" Vikramaditya ". The contracts for the supply of a total 45 MiG-29K/KUB difficulties. Negotiations are under way for the purchase of an additional 42 Su-30MKI fighters, carried out programm to modernize 62 MiG-29 Indian Air Force. Together with Israel implemented programm to supply the Indian Air Force AWACS aircraft "Falcon".

Our homeland with India implements a number of large-scale projects in the aviation, maritime and land subject.

According to the available knapsack orders, the share of the Russian Federation on the arms market in India in the period 2010-2013. amount to 49.5%. It must be emphasized that this figure at the moment is quite conventional, as Our homeland is involved in a number of tenders, conducted by India and has a number of them an excellent chance of winning. A number of supply for these programs when necessary for the period up to 2013. In other words fraction of the Russian Federation in India may change depending on the results of the tenders.

In general we can say that our homeland will retain at least half of the Indian arms market.

The main rivals of the Russian Federation on the arms market in India is Israel, England, USA, France, Ukraine, Italy, Sweden and several other countries.

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