India spendest billion dollars for the purchase of helicopters

India to spend billions of dollars on the purchase of helicopters

Indian Ministry of Defence wants to buy 56 multi-role helicopters for the Navy, reports TNN. In total, new machines will izderzhat about billions of dollars. The helicopters will be procured in intelligence, anti-submarine, search and rescue, and counterterrorism versions. In addition, the military plans to buy helicopters and radio-electronic version of Scouting.

According to the publication, the tender for the supply of helicopters was announced late last week. Requests for proposals have already received the South American company Boeing, Bell and Sikorsky, Russian "Kamov", a European consortium Eurocopter and Italy's AgustaWestland. The first multi-purpose vehicle planned to adopt in 2016. In addition to helicopters, the military also expect to receive three simulator.

Under the terms of the tender, the Indian military should be submitted to twin-engine helicopters with a maximum take-off weight of more than 4.5 tonnes and able to sit down and soar with flight decks of ships. Machines will arm launchers for rockets caliber 70 mm and 12.7 mm machine guns. Anti-submarine version must be equipped with torpedoes and depth charges.

The Indian Defense Ministry plans in the coming 10 years to buy 900 new helicopters, including 384 multi-purpose machines, 90 marine versions, 65 and 22 light combat languid, 139 medium and 15 languid transport. The tender for the supply of 90 nautical multipurpose helicopters already underway. Their plan izderzhat 2.5 billion dollars. Weight helicopters should be more 9-12,5 tons.

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