India spendest fighters on the fifth generation of 25 billion dollars

India will spend on fifth-generation fighter $ 25 billionThe project is the creation of an Indian fighter fifth generation on the basis of Russian T-50 will be the most costly military applets India, reports The Times of India. Excluding the cost of the development program from itself, planned purchase of 250 fighters for the Indian Air Force will manage the country's military budget is about 25 billion dollars, or 100 million dollars per aircraft.

According to head the Indian Air Force Marshal Pradeep Vasant Naik, the Air Force wants to buy 200 to 250 aircraft since 2017. Despite the fact that the Russian T-50, who committed the first flight in January 2010, will form the basis of Indian fighter FGFA, new plane will be tailored to suit the requirements of the Indian Air Force. The list of requirements in the true time Air Force worked out.

According to Naik, Indian plane will be functional, will receive advanced avionics, stealth, precision instrument, the ability to control the traffic situation at 360 degrees and modern communication systems. Investment in the program from the development of Russian-Indian fighter in the current time is estimated at 8-10 billion dollars. Earlier, Indian media reported that the fraction of the Indian company Hindustan Aeronautics in a joint project with Russia will be more than 25 percent.

August 31, 2010 the company "Sukhoi" held a demo flight of Russian T-50 (PAK FA) for the delegation of the Ministry of Defence of India and representatives of the military-industrial complex. Demonstration of the ability of the aircraft was accomplished at Moscow airport "Ramenskoye." Flight of the layout of the PAK FA lasted 10 minutes. For this time plane performed clearance at low speed, and several maneuvers over large angles of attack.

Technical Specifications T-50 yet classified. Officially, it is reported that the PAK FA will differ highest intellectualization of the board and will be able to take off and land on runways length of 300-400 meters. In addition, the aircraft will be able to make and super-maneuverable combat tasks in any weather and time of day. It is understood that plane will be able to reach speeds of up to 2.6 thousand kilometers per hour. Fighter will be armed with 30-millimeter cannon, will also receive a 10-point suspension in the internal bomb bay.

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