India stopped buying Russian MiG-29

India suspended the purchase of Russian MiG-29The Ministry of Defence of India has decided to suspend the purchase of programs from Russian decked MiG-29K/KUB, reports Defense News. The reason for the suspension of programs from the purchase was the tragedy MiG-29KUB in RF June 23, 2011. India has already acquired in Russia in the overall difficulty of 45 aircraft for a total of 2.15 billion dollars and meant to buy another kind of fighter, but negotiations have not been initiated.

According to Defense News sources in the Ministry of Defence of India, the question of the purchase of additional parts in Russian fighter is not considered, as the Indian side is waiting for completion of the investigation catastrophe MiG-29K. The decision to continue purchases will be made after the investigation. At the current time on the Indian Navy are 5 deck fighters MiG-29K, flights which can be suspended in recent years.

Russian fighter MiG-29KUB crashed 43 kilometers from Ahtubinska June 23 during the execution of a test flight. Tests were carried out in the framework of the plane of the contract with the Indian Navy for the delivery of 16 fighter jets, which will have to be based on an aircraft carrier "Vikramaditya" (past the "Admiral Gorshkov", passing in the modernization RF). As a result of the disaster killed both crew members. In the true time in Russia suspended all flights of MiG-29.

It should be emphasized that the true time is an agreement between Russia and India, providing for the modernization of 65 MiG-29 Indian Air Force. Price agreement concluded in 2008, is 850 million dollars. As a result, the modernization of the fighters need to get the latest avionics and airborne systems.

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