India tested a missile interceptor

India tested a missile interceptorThe Ministry of Defence of India November 23, 2012 held test newest interceptor missile AAD, reports IANS. Test considered successful — the anti-missile missile struck a ballistic missile launched from Wheeler Island in Orissa. According to PTI, AAD hit the target at an altitude of 15 thousand meters. In the future, the system should make a brand new multilayer missile defense base in India.

During the tests with the marine area Chandipur test site at 12:52 local time (11:22 Moscow time) was produced start ballistic missile Prithvi. Four Minutka antimissile AAD launched from Wheeler Island, located 70 kilometers from the site of the target missile launch. For the guidance of the antimissile used data from the radar.

In total in India were made eight test launches AAD in 2006-2007-m and 2009-2012, respectively. Of these seven trials were found to be successful. 4th test, held on 15 March 2010 failed because rocket-Prithvi target deviated from the line of motion. Start interceptor missile, ready to start, was canceled.

When exactly AAD entered service in India is not yet clear. Initially planned to deploy by the end of 2010, but then postponed deadlines for 2012 year. In addition to AAD India is also developing the newest missile, capable of destroying ballistic missiles with a range of up to 5 thousand kilometers. This rocket-Interceptor will be ready by 2016.

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