India to spend beyond fighter FGFA 35 billion dollars

India spends on fighter FGFA $ 35 billion

Indian Ministry of Defence wants izderzhat of developing or buying 200 fighter fifth generation FGFA in over the next 20 years, nearly 35 billion dollars, reports TNN. With all this, the military decided to abandon the creation of the two-seat version of the aircraft, as it makes the program from the development of more two billion dollars, decreasing by 15 percent stealth fighter.

According to the agency, in late 2012 — early 2013 India plans to sign an agreement with Russia to carry out development work on the project of creation fighter FGFA, which serves as a base for the Russian T-50 (PAK FA). Before signing the agreement in Russia will come the Indian delegation to make sure that the work on the creation of sketchy and technical project FGFA met.

Price contract for the development of conceptual and technical project FGFA, Russia and India signed in December 2010, is 295 million dollars. As expected, the price of an agreement to carry out development work will be 11 billion dollars. Our homeland and India will invest in the creation of this step FGFA equally.

In October 2011, the Indian Air Force Commander Norman Anil Kumar Browne said the military wants to adopt 214 fighters FGFA166 single rooms and 48 double options. Now, according to a source TNN, buy double version of the aircraft is not scheduled, as this would increase the cost of the project. It must be emphasized that India initially meant to take only the coupe version of the FGFA.

Price development project FGFA since 2010 has increased by 10 billion dollars. In October 2010 it was reported that the Indian Air Force wants to buy 250 new fighter jets for 25 billion dollars, or 100 million dollars for the plane. With all of this programm itself aircraft development was estimated at 10.8 billion dollars.

In November 2011, became known to some technical properties of a promising aircraft. Thus, the length FGFA will be 22.6 meters, height — 5.9 meters, and the largest take-off weight — 34 tons. Plane get the engines with all-aspect thrust vector control, will be able to fly at a distance of 3.88 thousand kilometers and speeds of up to 2-Mach numbers (2.3 thousand kilometers per hour).

FGFA will be supplied not only to India, and on the international market. According to the Russian United Aircraft Company, a market fighter planes of the T-50 (including FGFA) will be about 600 aircraft: 200 units for the Russian Air Force, 200 — for the Indian Air Force and 200 — for export to third countries.

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