India unhappy with cooperation with Rosoboronexport

Indian Air Force for the most part made up of Russian and Russian aircraft manufacturing that require scheduled maintenance and upgrades. Previously, all the parts for airplanes and helicopters delivered directly Rosoboronexport, but in the near future, India has a tough claim to the Russian company. Now India is rapidly retrieves the global market, companies that can change the ROE and ensure the supply of spare parts for aircraft, bypassing Russia.

It should be noted that the claims in India is quite and their desire to fully explain. Delivery Parts Rosoboronexport is no precise timetable and irregular. Thus, the Air Force India claimed that not once occurred irregular supply devices for air tankers Il-78MKI. This is because the Indians did not accept that they have announced a new tender for the purchase of tankers for its own air force. Namely, participates in the tender Airbus A330MRTT, which eventually can completely change a Russian IL-78MKI.

Indian side is also very unhappy with confusing and unpredictable Rosoboronexport position on a number of issues. Russian state-owned company with a constant frequency of requests additional agreements, and from time to time and it is asking to revise existing agreements, including the growth of prices spare parts and components.

India unhappy with cooperation with Rosoboronexport

In general, to that of dealing with Russian companies in India used since the days of the Soviet Union, but then the Russian Union of almost all was forgiven. Now the Russians are modern and high quality of cooperation that Rosoboronexport appear or can not organize or knowingly does not want to. Naturally, India is unhappy with this, because disruptions in the supply of spare parts for its own air force in the most concrete way affect the country's defense.

Now India is open 25 international (previously supplied all the lots Rosoboronexport) tenders for the supply of spare parts for aircraft. More are necessary components for the MiG-29. In connection with the modernization of the Indian side to more than 150 devices, including the control and the main landing gear, various transformers, resistors and much more. There is also a need for spare parts for the Su-30MKI fighters, Mi-17 and Mi-26 and a number of radar stations Russian production.

So, apparently, because of Rosoboronexport's own sluggishness and lack of professionalism may soon lose the aftermarket military equipment in India, and can follow it and complete rejection of India from the purchase of Russian weapons. Of course, the Russian military-industrial complex and the need for urgent and Rosoboronexport katigorichnye reform, because in the current state it is unable to compete in the global market, and in some cases, even inside the country. Suffice it to recall the words nedavneshnie Commander of the Army Alexander Postnikov on the T-90, which instead of a desire to change something in the best way only caused a furious reaction from the public side and the representatives of the military-industrial complex. Change is long overdue, and turn a blind eye, to assume that all is well, just stupid.

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