India, Venezuela, and Vietnam are the major importers of Russian weapons

India, Venezuela, and Vietnam are the major importers of Russian weapons

India, Venezuela and Vietnam in the coming four years will be the favorites for the import of Russian weapons in the middle of all the states with which it has signed the appropriate agreements, told RIA Announcements on Thursday, director of the Center for Analysis of World Trade instrument (TSAMTO) Igor Korotchenko.

From 2008 to 2011, the overall balance of military exports of, 29.8 billion dollars, the top three were India (8.2 billion dollars), Algeria (4.7 billion dollars), China (3.5 billion dollars). A huge fraction of importing Russian weapons in the overall balance in the period was 55.47%.

"1st place in the period from 2012 to 2015 year in the structure of the military re-export of the Russian Federation will take India to the volume of 14.3 billion dollars. On the second place instead of Algerian come Venezuela — 3.2 billion dollars. Vietnam takes third place — 3.2 billion dollars, "- said Korochenko on the basis of an improved analytical prediction TSAMTO.

He explained that the rating TSAMTO included 37 states with which today has contracts for the supply of arms in 2012-2015. In late August TSAMTO estimated volume of predictable Russian military exports to Vietnam in 2.43 billion dollars and endeared him to fourth place in the ranking of Russian weapons buyers abroad.

Korochenko said that in 2012-2015 fraction of the top three importers of Russian weapons in the overall balance will be 62.43%. The total Russian arms exports in this period is projected at 32.5 billion dollars.

Director TSAMTO noted that China in the coming four years will take fourth place in the structure of the Russian Federation military exports to 2.8 billion dollars, and 5th place will get Syria (1.6 billion dollars). "Shred the top five importing countries in the overall balance of military exports of the Russian Federation in 2012-2015 will amount to 74.9% …" — said Korochenko.

He added that the fifth Syria will take place in this case, if the signed contracts will be fulfilled, "that is incomprehensible in view of the current difficult political situation, both in Syria and around it."

Korochenko said that our homeland more than the United States, aims to supply arms to a limited group of states, while in the coming four years, this trend will only intensify.

He noted that the U.S. as ever occupy the first place on the world market instruments with a huge margin from rivals. "The volume of the identified military exports to the United States in 2012 TSAMTO predicts a total 25.517 billion dollars, or 36.54% of total world exports," — he explained. Third place on the basis of this year, according to the forecast TSAMTO to take France (5.6 billion dollars, or 8% of global sales).

The top five exporters of huge arms in 2012, will also include Germany (4.6 billion dollars and 6.54%) and the UK (3.2 billion dollars and 4.64%).

Behind them, in the words Korochenko, will be located Israel and Italy (by 2.8 billion dollars, about 4%), China (1.9 billion dollars, 2.8%), Spain (1.5 billion dollars, 2.2 %). Will close 10 of the favorites of Sweden — meant that the military exports bring her 1.1 billion dollars, or 1.6% of global sales tools.

"According to these forecasts, the birthplace of our firm will retain the second largest exporter in the world arms market," — concluded Korochenko.

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