India wants to send gallaktichesky machine to Mars

India plans to send a spacecraft to Mars

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said that his country plans to become one of the powers involved in the exploration of Mars. On the incarnation of utilities that involves sending gallakticheskogo unit to the Red Planet in Divide willing to allocate 100 million dollars.

According to the BBC, BBC, for implementing the project in the Indian authorities almost ready. Start the machine to Mars could take place in 2013.

It is planned to research the chemical composition of the atmosphere as the planet and its surface. Indian gallaktichesky machine proparhaet past Mars and will not land on it.

In Divide expect that investments in the near-earth space posodeystvuyut country to make a major step in the development of science and technology. Gallakticheskogo of vehicles directed to Mars, waiting for latest disk imaging on the effects of solar wind and radiation on the weather on this planet.

Together with so many citizens of South Asian countries are opposed to spending on research gallakticheskie. Critics of the project are convinced that spending similarly immoral, given the poverty of the majority of the inhabitants of India.

The favorite in the study the Red Planet in the current time is the United States. Apparatus This states Curiosity plunged to the surface of Mars in August 2012. and continues his work.

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