India were unveiled details of FGFA

India were unveiled details of FGFA

Indian aircraft manufacturer Hindustan Aeronautics on its website contained information about the technical properties of a promising fighter Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft (FGFA), which will be created on the basis of aircraft PAK FA (T-50), along with Russia. According to the description version aircraft for India would be network-centric and able to act in areas of "bad communication" in the group.

FGFA will be the length 22.6 meters in height — 5.9 meters, with the highest gross weight of 34 tons. Fighter will be able to cover a distance 3.88 million km at the speed developed by 2,3 thousand kilometers. per hour (up to 2-Mach number). FGFA will equip the engine with all-aspect thrust vector control nozzle and the largest deviation of 15 degrees.

Any of the 2-fighter engines will develop a thrust 137 kN (14,000 kgf). Most likely, this parameter is incorrect. For example, the AL-41F1S (turbojet slider, which is on the Su-35S) of thrust 8800 kgf Maximal mode "and on the afterburner mode — 15,000 kgs.

In September 2011 it became clear that the command of the Indian Air Force were chosen engines for fighter aircraft, but did not specify details. With all of this was reported that the propulsion FGFA will have a huge capacity compared with the AL-41F1 ("Article 117") applied to the promising fighter T-50.

FGFA will be able to fly at supersonic cruising speed and maneuver. The inner compartment fighter can carry armament weighing 2.25 tons. On the outer pylons — arming weight of 5.75 tons. Development of stealth will be used for the fuselage Indian fighter. Take into account that FGFA is still in the design stage, because many of the characteristics that have HAL, are subject to change. Tech. PAK FA properties are classified.

The agreement on the joint development FGFA was signed by India and Russia in the late 2010 Indian version will be created on the basis of the PAK FA, but it will be different versions with a double and single cockpit, avionics and engines. It was reported earlier that the FGFA flight tests are planned for 2015. On armament Indian Air Force will be taken 250 fighter FGFA.

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