India will buy 40 fighter jets Super Dry

India will buy 40 fighter jets "Super Dry"

Indian Air Force until the end of 2012 in the Russian Federation will buy 40 Su-30MKI fighters, upgraded to version "Super Dry. "Defense World As reported, citing anonymous sources, of a brand new contract could be announced during the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to India in November. Price aircraft valued at 3.77 billion dollars. Their delivery can result in 2014-2015 .

At the current time in service with India are 5 squadrons of Su-30MKI fighters by 20 aircraft either. They also plan to upgrade to version evenly "Super Dry. "Given the previously ordered aircraft the total number of" dry "armed India will reach 270 units.

Modification "Super Dry"Includes the latest cockpit, new radar (presumably with an active phased array AESA), the application of stealth technology in aircraft design. So makarom"Super Dry"It will be very close to the requirements of the fighter fifth generation. On arms"Super Dry, "are expected to stand supersonic cruise missile" BrahMos ".

In addition to the Su-30MKI aircraft in service with India will face French fighter Rafale, won the tender for the supply of 126 aircraft at the end of January 2012. As expected, Rafale will change outdated Russian MiG-21. Yet, the contract for the purchase of French aircraft at the cost of over 10 billion dollars has been signed.

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