India will buy 400 upgraded Russian guns

India will buy 400 modernized Soviet gunsIndian Ministry of Defence wants to announce a tender for modernization and supply in the Army towed guns M-46 Russian production, reports Jane's. In total, planned to adopt a modernized 400 guns that will have to make up for the lack of artillery in the army.

Ordnance Department of the Ministry of Defence of India in 2012, has asked the companies to Tata, Larsen & Toubro and Bharat Forge with a request to prepare projects of modernization Russian guns and find providers of such tools. With all of this a formal request for proposals has not yet been made public. Indian companies will be able to do with foreign consortia, but all of the modernization of tools to be held in India.

Of the 3 companies who have received notice of Indian military establishment, while only Tata has begun negotiations with the companies that are located in the 2-former Russian republics. Which specific countries, it is not clear yet. Tata together with these companies will carry out the assembly and modernization of fishing in the Indian plant in Bangalore.

Gun M-46 were produced in the Soviet Union in 1946-1950, and distributed not only in the Russian Armed Forces of the Union, and for export. In particular, India has 2,200 of these guns. Caliber M-46 is 130 mm. As part of modernization, besides other things, will substitute for the trunk increment caliber guns to 155 mm. The length of the new barrel should be more than 45 calibers.

Further details concerning the new project while unidentified. Namely, not reported, for whatever reason, the Ministry of Defence of India decided to purchase obsolete guns abroad, and not to upgrade existing such tools. It is clear just modernization fishing is done in the framework of the modernization programs from the field artillery, adopted in the late 1980s.

In the framework of programs from India by 2025, wants to give up armed 3200-3600 towed and self-propelled tracked and wheeled guns of 155 mm with a barrel length of 52-gauge, 155-mm lightweight howitzer with a barrel length of 39 calibres and guns of the same caliber with a barrel length of 45 calibres . Of them will be formed regiments 180-220.

In 2001, India signed an agreement with the Israeli company Soltam contract to modernize 180 M-46 guns from the trunks of retooling caliber of 155 mm. Later, the agreement was extended to 500 guns.

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