India will create a super-lightweight nanorakety anti-aircraft missiles and missiles air-air long-range

India will create a super-lightweight "nanorakety" anti-aircraft missiles and missiles "air-air" long-range

Indian spices want to create a number of advanced missiles, including ultralight rocket with the introduction of nanotechnology and long-range anti-aircraft missile (300 km).

Speaking at the 25th anniversary of the department to create a simulation of the hardware and HILS (Hardware-in-Loop Simulation), which is part of the Research Center (IC) Imarat head of the missile and strategic systems of Indian defense research organization and development, DRDO Avinash Chander (Avinash Chander) said that the next target is creation SAM system with a range of 300 km. In addition, it is planned creation SD "air-to-surface" with a range of 400 km and "air-to-air" with a range of 300 km. There will also be developed and dozvukovyne supersonic cruise missile submarine launch "world class". IC Imarat the main rocket lab DRDO.

Past president and founder of the Research Center Imarat Abdul Kalam (APJ Abdul Kalam) said that at the present time there is a "convergence of technologies" when nanotechnology coexist side by side with silicon electronics and photonics, the mutual integration will continue to evolve. He predicted that the development of an integrated bio-, nano — and information technology in the future may lead to nano-robots.

Director of the Research Center Imarat K. Chardzhuri (SK Chaudhuri) said on activities HILS. This department is evaluating the systems and subsystems of the flight control, flight software and comprehensive evaluation of the effectiveness of the rocket to flight testing.

The event was Deputy Director of the Metropolitan Research Institute for LG Hakobyan, who also made a welcome speech at the address anniversaries.

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